The Relationship and Identity Destroyer: The Rejection Mindset

Confront the Main Block to All Relationship Health and Freedom

Rejection Mindset, Rejection

Experiencing rejection is incredibly painful. Yet there is nothing more deadly to relational health than when we carry a rejection mindset. Masses of people do not even realize they are infected with it. Meanwhile, a rejection mindset is behind just about every relationship breakdown and the drama that ensues. Rejection is a Mindset It’s important […]

Self-Rejection and Relationship Sabotage

When People Love You More than You Love Yourself

Relationship Sabotage, Self-Rejection

Relationships only thrive within the exchange of mutual love. But if someone loves you more than you love yourself, there is a change you may end up engaging relationship sabotage. It can be easy to find reasons why you don’t like the person and then do things that contribute to the dissolving of the relationship. It’s common rut to find reasons why people […]

7 Ways to Break Free from Insecurity

Practical Mindsets to Move into Identity Security

Over the years, I have encouraged people to face their insecurity with courage by becoming mindful of some specific mindsets. To detox from the insecurity that holds us back, here is what I have found to be helpful. 1. Stop Defending Your Insecurity We are all in process. The quicker we can admit to this, […]

The Need for Identity Confirmation

Who Told You Who You Are?

When did you find out who you really are? If so, who was the person most responsible for communicating that to you? Most honest people have no answer to this question. That is because identity is meant to be spoken, confirmed and validated from those in our tribe. It should begin with our parents and […]

Confronting Our Insecurity

Insecurity is at the root of all our relational struggles. It causes leaders to manifest dysfunctional behavior and keeps families and friends in chronic strife. The problem with insecurities is they often drive us to see other people as the problem, never allowing us to look within and see the areas in our lives that […]

#111: Freedom from Performance Based Christianity [Podcast]

In this week’s episode, we want to tackle the subject of performance based Christianity and performance based living. Jesus confronted the mindset and lifestyle of the Pharisees, for how they strapped people with legalism and a religiousness that missed the heart of God. The Pharisees fueled a performance based spiritual life, where people were put […]

What Makes Helping People So Challenging? (And What To Do About It)

Relationships and communication are the foundation to healthy living. Without it, we don’t have churches, business or even families. God created these connections to be the conduit by which we would understand how to process our relationship with Him better. The invisible God desire’s to make Himself visible through healthy relationships that operate in a […]

#085: Why Do I Feel Far From God? [Podcast]

In today’s episode, we want to tackle the issue of “Why Do I Feel So Far From God?” One of the major complaints in the church today is wanting to feel God’s presence more, wanting to hear His voice speaking to us. I hear a lot from people, “Why can’t I feel His presence?” So, What […]

#082: What Keeps You Angry About Your Life? [Podcast]

Envy and Jealousy

In today’s episode we want to ask the question, “What Keeps You Angry About Your life?” We want to uncover the root of envy and jealousy and how it steals so much of our freedom. Are you someone who looks at others and gets angry because they appear to have it easier in life because […]

#081: Do You Talk Too Much or Not At All? [Podcast]

In today’s episode we want to ask the question, “Do you talk too much or not at all?” Relationships are all about communication, but if we’re talking too much, the other person has no place to connect or gain heart connection. But what about if you don’t talk much at all? People are missing out […]