4 Things that Do Not Help People Change

As a passionate student of transformation, I love observing the patterns, habits and mindsets that move people into dynamic change for their life. Observing people overcome huge odds is what I live to see. Over the years, I have found some common traits that help all overcomers get victory. At the same time, there are some […]

Why Multitasking is Killing the Life of Your Heart

We live in a world seeking for convenience. But the moment we can make a task more convenient and efficient, we quickly fill that time with something else; all in the name of “getting things done.” We then stack more and more responsibilities, tasks and projects, believing that multitasking is the way to go. I […]

What Discipleship Is and What it is Not

Making disciples is an amazing investment; one that requires great dedication and sacrifice. It is the greatest command that Jesus gave us, to make disciples all over the world. But what is a disciple? In its literal meaning, it is a pupil or a learner. A disciple is one who is receiving through another vessel […]

10 Classes We Should All Take (Skills We Were Not Taught)

To live as effective relational beings, there are many skills and experiences that are important to make the most of our impact on this planet. There are many things we can assume people know how to do and practice. Surprisingly, there are many critical skills, practices and mindsets that have never been taught. In ministering […]

What I Was Willing to Do For Freedom, But Many Are Not

This year will mark 20 years I have been in full time work of helping and ministering to people. Since 1995, I have helped many people grow, while traveling into various level of transformation myself. In 2004, I entered into one of the biggest chapters of transformation when I began to overcome daunting anxiety, depression, […]

8 Tips to Make Your Goals and Resolutions Work

Are you frustrated with how this last year went? Did you set goals and fail to meet any of them? Are you feeling frustrated about not making progress in your growth? Here are some tips to help make your goals and resolutions more fruitful.  1. Make your goals extensions of the vision and values of […]