My Personal Battle with Perfectionism

When you see the battle of perfectionism, most of the time it is addressed in counseling and psychology circles, where they are noticing this bondage in person after person. Christians often come under it the most, especially since we have been taught a standard of holiness and sanctification to pursue. Yet legalism, our personal brokenness […]

Perfectionism Bondage vs. Biblical Excellence – What’s the Difference?

Many who battle perfectionism, may hear a thought screaming, “But doesn’t God want our best?” Of course He does. The problem is that legalism has entered and placed a performance pressure on us that burdens us with standards that torment rather than empower us. Rather than releasing us into daily rest, we become driven to achieve. […]

Are You A Perfectionist?


Are you a perfectionist? Some see this as a completely admirable trait. Many fail to see the long term dangers that perfectionistic tendencies can have on our health, our wholeness and our relationships. defines the struggle of perfectionism as a personal standard, attitude, or philosophy that demands perfection and rejects anything less. Here are […]

Do You Have a Rejection Mindset?

A rejection mindset is something we will all have to face in our lives, especially because it will infect how we process relationship. The following is a “Rejection Detection” quiz that will help you to understand how rejection may be affecting your thoughts, feelings and perspectives. If you answer yes to at least one of […]

Exposing the Rejection Mindset (Available Now!)

We are happy to announce the new book launch for Exposing the Rejection Mindset, a new book by Mark DeJesus! Exposing the Rejection Mindset Getting to the Root of Our Relationship and Identity Struggles Take Back Who God Says You Are! Your identity and relationships are everything when it comes to living a full life […]