3 Powerful Habits to Overcome Negativity

It has been a few weeks for me into 30 days of a negativity fast. As soon as I established this intentional season of further removing negativity, a horde of negative circumstances popped up. We’ve been out of our home for over 3 months and there came about some major hurdles towards the renovations being completed. My […]

A Call to the Overcomers

The following is an excerpt from an exhortation given at a recent conference, where I felt a stir to awaken the heart of the overcomers. There have been blurred lines when it comes to Christianity. You can wear the title of a Christian like anything else, with no cost, no sacrifice, no inconvenience and very […]

What I Was Willing to Do For Freedom, But Many Are Not

This year will mark 20 years I have been in full time work of helping and ministering to people. Since 1995, I have helped many people grow, while traveling into various level of transformation myself. In 2004, I entered into one of the biggest chapters of transformation when I began to overcome daunting anxiety, depression, […]

When You Have Had Enough

Why nothing will change unless you want it bad enough. One of the saddest experiences in life is when you try to help someone who deep down, does not really want to change. They come to the gate, saying they want change, but their attitude and life choices reflect a different story. What we are often […]

Values of Those Who Go Deeper with God

A lot of believers talk about going deeper in their spiritual walk, yet they often fail to realize what that statement involves. Meanwhile, a large amount of Christianity is content to remain in the shallow waters of life, where it seems safe, predictable and comfortable. The problem is that a true walk with God involves […]