10 Factors that Contribute to Depression

As someone who has had to face depression and overcome it, I’ve also helped many press through the storms that depression can bring and develop a strategy for climbing to solid ground. Losing your emotional sense of well being can be an incredibly frightening and challenging experience. Millions are presented with this oppressive monster and […]

8 Things You Need to Know About the Season You Are In

I remember back in the years of 2007–2009, running into many people who shared what they thought I should do and where I was headed. I would hear so many words spoken regarding how amazing those years were going to be; that they would unveil tremendous fulfillment and breakthrough. These things were said to me […]

#095: Are You Equipped for War? [Podcast]

On this week’s episode, we discuss one of the critical blocks to making any changes or breaking free into new patterns. This area takes people out without them even realizing it. We want to address the spiritual resistance that occurs whenever we decide to make any change in life. Do you find that when you […]

Two Great Reasons Why You May Not Be Seeing Fruit in Your Life

We are designed to produce fruit in our life, manifesting the ways of God through changed lives and relationships that display His ways. Yet there is nothing more discouraging than feeling like your life is not producing any fruit. If we are honest, a lot of accusation and condemnation can pummel the mind, keeping us […]

3 Powerful Habits to Overcome Negativity

It has been a few weeks for me into 30 days of a negativity fast. As soon as I established this intentional season of further removing negativity, a horde of negative circumstances popped up. We’ve been out of our home for over 3 months and there came about some major hurdles towards the renovations being completed. My […]

#089: How to Share Your Faith Effectively [Podcast]

Do you struggle in sharing your faith with family, friends and neighbors? Do you have fear surrounding talking about what you believe? Do you beat yourself up that you should be more evangelistic? Do you want to be more bold and courageous? How can we do that effectively. We’ve had questions come in regarding this […]

#078: How to Keep Fear from Trapping You [Podcast]

In Today’s episode we want to discuss How to Keep Fear from Trapping You. Are you walking around feeling like you cant break free from a overall heaviness surrounding everything you do and think the worse of everything. Are you at a place in your life where you feel frozen in some areas and stuck? […]

A Call to the Overcomers

The following is an excerpt from an exhortation given at a recent conference, where I felt a stir to awaken the heart of the overcomers. There have been blurred lines when it comes to Christianity. You can wear the title of a Christian like anything else, with no cost, no sacrifice, no inconvenience and very […]

#076: How to Deal with Pain Effectively Part 1 [Podcast]

Today we take the time to talk about a subject many people struggle with, and that is dealing with pain effectively. How we process through painful things in our heart is one of the most important areas for our overall growth. Yet many people deeply struggle with how to deal with the pain that comes […]