The Opposite of Negativity is Not Always Positive Thinking

What is the Opposite of Negativity?

Opposite of Negativity, Negativity

I recall sitting with my wife in a session with a woman that was going through an incredible amount of pain. Her marriage was in a rough place, her teen daughter was pregnant and the other children were lost in rebellion. As we began to roll up our sleeves and dig into the issues at hand, […]

What I Learned from a 30 Day Negativity Fast

Thoughts that Have Change My Life for the Good

Negativity, Overcoming, Negativity Fast

I have been encouraging people for years to engage negativity fasts, as a way to renew their minds and give themselves a fresh jump start into a new chapter. But these fasts are way harder than we realize, especially because of how much our lives are conditioned by negativity. A Negativity Fast is a Good Jump […]

3 Powerful Habits to Overcome Negativity

It has been a few weeks for me into 30 days of a negativity fast. As soon as I established this intentional season of further removing negativity, a horde of negative circumstances popped up. We’ve been out of our home for over 3 months and there came about some major hurdles towards the renovations being completed. My […]

The Kind of Fast You Need to Consider: Negativity Fast

This is a time of year when many people considering starting off a new season with prayer and fasting. Most of the time, fasting involves refraining from eating to a certain degree in order to spend time seeking God in greater measure. Unfortunately, many times of fasting become hunger strikes, where people fast to convince […]

Declaration for Overcoming Negativity

Declaration of Freedom from Negativity

If you’ve gone through a 30 day negativity fast, here is a fantastic declaration you print off and have for encouraging more growth and forward progress. In response to a season of focused negativity-fasting, I make my declaration known today to live victoriously over chronic negativity as a dominant influence in my life. I choose to make winning over […]