4 Benefits of Knowing You Are Loved

The Importance of Filling Your Deepest Need

Knowing You Are Loved

You can be the smartest or most talented person on the planet, but if you lack love, you’ll eventually flounder. Eventually, the resulting brokenness will sabotage your long term health and wholeness in life. This is because living in the flow of love is oxygen for your spiritual and emotional heart. Without it, you begin […]

Stop Self-Rejection and Begin Loving Yourself

Loving and Accepting Yourself as God's Creation

Accepting Yourself, Loving Yourself, Freedom from Self-Rejection

Many have asked me in response to reading my material, “What do I do about the self-rejection patterns in my life?” This section will give the keys needed to break out of self-rejection and love yourself as God’s creation. Ignoring Your Heart Health is Not Spiritual While it might seem like you are being “selfless” […]

It’s False Humility If You Are Rejecting Yourself

Exposing False Humility

Humility is the highway for spiritual growth, but too many counterfeits are in action. In fact, there is a false humility on the lose that is giving people the wrong model of what it looks like to walk in true humility. Real humility is not something you can fabricate. It only comes through an authentic […]

Self Rejection: When Did It Become OK to Not Like Yourself?

Signs of Self-Rejection and How It Has Become so Commonly Accepted

Spend 10 minutes with a group of toddlers or elementary school children and you will find two common threads in their lives—a lot of energy and a great desire to be someone when they grow up. Instilled in our young sons and daughters is an endless list of options they dream of stepping into someday, […]

This is Your World if You Don’t Love Yourself

What Will Surround Your Life if You Avoid This Issue

You were made to love and be loved and loving yourself is a critical aspect of love. The majority of the problems people face go back to whether or not they have experienced the depth of love on a regular basis. This not only involves receiving the love of God, but loving yourself as He […]

Why is Loving Yourself so Challenging?

5 Reasons We Struggle to Walk in Healthy Self-Love

Loving Yourself

Loving yourself all comes down to how well you are able to receive the love that God has for you. In 2004, I went through a massive, massive transformation where I’ve just never been the same since. I’ve dedicated my life to helping people to experience healing, to experience freedom, experience transformation from the inside […]

What Loving Yourself is NOT

The words “self-love” or “loving yourself” often trigger preconceived notions and perceptions that are not accurate to what loving yourself truly means. So before you come up with your conclusions and head down unnecessary rabbit trails, allow me to explain what true self-love is in its purest form, by first explaining what loving yourself is […]

What Does Loving Yourself Mean?

8 References for Learning to Love Yourself

Heart, Loving Yourself

Loving yourself is a subject that is foreign to most. Yet it doesn’t have to be when we understand the power of God’s love for us. When we truly receive God’s love in our hearts, we step into the arena where loving ourselves is possible. The Bible reminds us that we love Him because He […]

Letting God Love You As His Creation [Video]

For those of you that wrote, asking for the complete message, here it is on video! I am passionate about helping people gain an amazement for God by seeing how beautifully He is involved in our creation, identity and destiny. Do you know you need to have a great relationship with yourself? Do you have the ability […]