The 6 Stages of Spiritual Heart Disease

Today, because of the lack of cultivating healthy love in our hearts, many wander through life with severe heart conditions. I am speaking to more than just medical heart issues, but spiritual and emotional heart issues. These conditions come out of ignoring the spectrum of heart experiences in life; including loss, grief, sorrow, joy, peace and […]

Three Needs Only the Father Can Fulfill

Jesus knew the love of the Father and experienced the foundational love that every believer should encounter regularly. In the Gospels, we can find the account of Jesus experiencing His Heavenly Father’s love. This was imperative for Him, as He was to begin His earthly ministry on the planet. When all the people were baptized, […]

8 Signs You Have a Broken Heart

The ministry of transformation must be built upon the premise of our hearts being healed by the love and power of God. Yet millions walk around not realizing they have a broken heart. Even if they do know, they shove the pain down in attempts to keep moving on. Yet a broken heart is a condition […]

Stop Staring at Yourself!

To overcome limitations to your true identity in God, you will certainly need a dimension of self-awareness to recognize areas that need transformation. To go deeper, you will need spiritual discernment and an open heart to allow the Holy Spirit to show you what needs to be addressed in your life. It is healthy to […]

Breaking Agreement with Junk

Agreement is not necessarily something where we have consciously said, “I agree with that.” Agreement primarily comes through tolerating and allowing the many forms of counterfeit thought to accumulate within. If we struggle with fear, then we have agreement with fear in our thinking. If we battle with being easily resentful, then we are in […]