7 Ways to Break Free from Insecurity

Practical Mindsets to Move into Identity Security

Over the years, I have encouraged people to face their insecurity with courage by becoming mindful of some specific mindsets. To detox from the insecurity that holds us back, here is what I have found to be helpful. 1. Stop Defending Your Insecurity We are all in process. The quicker we can admit to this, […]

Getting a Personal Identity Revelation

Confronting Our Insecurity and Establishing Who You Are

For those overwhelmed at times by their own insecurity, you are in good company. This struggle is a world-wide plague. Even those you may admire have areas they wrestle with. Trust me, they do. The main differentiation is between those who recognize their need for healing and those who cover it up. The second party […]

The Need for Identity Confirmation

Who Told You Who You Are?

When did you find out who you really are? If so, who was the person most responsible for communicating that to you? Most honest people have no answer to this question. That is because identity is meant to be spoken, confirmed and validated from those in our tribe. It should begin with our parents and […]

#058: Can Transformation Affect Your Personality? [Podcast]

Today episode will address the human personality and ask the question, “Can you personality be transformed at all?” Take a listen in this episode as we look at this issue, asking questions like: What is our personality?  How is it formed? Is our personality set in stone or can it be changed? What actually forms our personality?  […]

#026: Lack of Nurture and Emotional Struggles [Podcast]

In today’s episode, Melissa and I continue to speak on the subject of nurture and what happens when we lack it in our lives. Specifically, we want to talk about how emotional struggles in life can come out of our lack of accessing nurture with God. Included in our discussion is the subjects that come […]

Do You Have a Rejection Mindset?

A rejection mindset is something we will all have to face in our lives, especially because it will infect how we process relationship. The following is a “Rejection Detection” quiz that will help you to understand how rejection may be affecting your thoughts, feelings and perspectives. If you answer yes to at least one of […]