#096: Getting To The Root of The Problem [Podcast]

On this week’s episode, we want to get to a major reason we don’t see change and transformation in our lives. We often wear ourselves out and live in constant frustration because of it. We try to overcome so many battles, but we never get to the root reason why this battle is even here. We […]

God’s Plan for Your Transformation

In these days where change is needed, we have to understand God’s blue print for becoming conquerors and overcomers. Although every story has unique bends and turns, there is an overall narration from God’s Word that we can rely on for our journey of transformation. Isaiah 61 gives us a foundational tapestry that every overcomer […]

What I Was Willing to Do For Freedom, But Many Are Not

This year will mark 20 years I have been in full time work of helping and ministering to people. Since 1995, I have helped many people grow, while traveling into various level of transformation myself. In 2004, I entered into one of the biggest chapters of transformation when I began to overcome daunting anxiety, depression, […]

#009: The Greatest Block to Transformation [Podcast]

In today’s episode, my subject is entitled, “The Biggest Block to Transformation.” In this I will address one of greatest hinderances that keep people from walking healed, free and changed. I began full time ministry since 1995 and over the years I have watched something very concerning when it comes to people changing, getting free, […]

#008: What Are You Hearing? [Podcast]

In today’s episode, my subject is entitled, “What are You Hearing?” But before we get to that . . . Encouraging Thought for the Week:  Don’t Take Yourself So Seriously.  1. Wherever you are, stop and just smile in the mirror. 2. Laugh at yourself when you make a mistake. 3. Let others see that […]

A Top Reason People Struggle to Change & Get Free

Vision, Couples

I have never met a person who would not like a more free and purpose-filled life. Jesus came to bring us life, so it makes sense there is a longing in all of us for life and life more abundantly. Yet so many struggle to stay the course and walk into victory. We get stuck into […]

What is a Stronghold?

The word stronghold is a military term used to help us perceive the unseen battle of thought that wars over us. When it comes to war, there is a common military strategy that is often utilized to overthrow the enemy. It involves setting up key strongholds where further advancement can be achieved. When one country […]