6 Kinds of Daily Thoughts that Will Improve Your Health

You are what you think. The Bible teaches that as we think, so are we. Our bodies are responders to the kind of thinking that takes place within us. Negative, toxic, doubting, unbelieving, hopeless, fear-based and unloving ways of thinking are detrimental to your health and sanity. But God has created our bodies to thrive […]

#054: Developing a Strategy for Overcoming [Podcast]

Our episode today covers two questions that have to do with developing strategies for overcoming. In one question, its about overcoming anxiety. The other is about moving into a new level without neglecting your assignment in your current position. In answering these questions, I share on some of following points. Developing a Strategy for Overcoming Anxiety:  […]

#039: Confronting Unworthiness and Lack of Confidence [Podcast]

In this week’s episode, we are going to address two questions that came in that have to do with unworthiness and lack of confidence.  1. Our first question comes from James Staskelunas from Middletown, Connecticut in regarding to the issue of worthiness and unworthiness.  – Are we worthy or unworthy? – Are we simultaneously worthy and […]

#028: Lack of Nurture and Addictions with Q&A on Fear and Relational Interactions [Podcast]

In this week’s episode, we want to discuss nurture and the battle of addictions that arises from a lack of nurture in your life. We will also be covering a question in our Q&A segment about fear and relationship interactions. Q&A: Fear and Relational Interactions How do I get over the fear of interacting with people […]

#027: Lack of Nurture and the Rise of Mental Illness with Q&A on Fear of Death [Podcast]

In this episode, Mark and Melissa uncover lack of nurture and the effect it has on the rise of mental illness. The subjects of bipolar, anxiety, depression and obsessive compulsive disorder are covered. Practical steps are given as well as a special Q&A on overcoming fear of death. We also address a question from Adam in […]

The Solution to the “What If?” Torment of Fear

The secret weapon of fear often begins with the thought that begins with “what if.” “What about this?” and “What if” are the favorite phrases of fear. Each time such words invade the mind, there is a specific intent to bring a mental projection of doom, gloom and failure. “What if I get a disease?” […]

Faith Leads

Psalm 23 is a wonderful example of how God leads His children along in life. It says in His Word that He “leads me beside the still waters.” It is important to notice here that God is shown in this passage as a wonderful Shepherd. A shepherd understands the sheep that are in his care, […]

#022: Seven Thoughts that Can Make Us Sick [Podcast]

In today’s episode, I will address the 7 thoughts that can make us sick and keep us sick. I want to help you get free from some of these toxic thoughts that can affect your body negatively, so you can get free! Listen to the Audio: Download Audio Subscribe in iTunes Subscribe in Stitcher Announcements: 2014 Survey: […]