7 Practices for Living in God’s Goodness

In a day where so many question the goodness of God, thus distancing themselves from His presence; we as God’s children must cling to His goodness as our strong foundation. In a world where true goodness can be lacking, we have a chance to cut through with the pure holiness of God’s goodness. In the […]

#005: Is God Really Good? [Podcast]

In today’s episode, I am going to address the question, “Is God really good?” In a world where there seems to be so much evil going on, with heartache, sickness, insanity and more . . . what is God’s role in all this? Feature Presentation: Is God Really Good? In today’s episode, I want to […]

Who’s Got Your Back?

Our leverage against fear many times comes down to a very simple question: Who’s got my back? The answer to this question either sends people into despair and fear, or into a safe rest of confidence and peace. Many times you can tell just by looking into the faces of certain people—that someone, somewhere down […]