#086: How Destructive Thoughts Get in Our Lives and What to Do About It [Podcast]

Current events are causing more and more people to face the thoughts in their lives, especially fear, dread and despair. I believe that now more than ever, we need to face the negative, destructive and unhealthy thoughts in our lives with a new tenacity. If we do not address these thoughts, we can become crippled […]

#085: Why Do I Feel Far From God? [Podcast]

In today’s episode, we want to tackle the issue of “Why Do I Feel So Far From God?” One of the major complaints in the church today is wanting to feel God’s presence more, wanting to hear His voice speaking to us. I hear a lot from people, “Why can’t I feel His presence?” So, What […]

Why Do We Avoid Our Father?

Masses of believers have accepted Christ but are avoiding the Father. Why do we keep avoiding Father God, especially when we are His kids? God says you have received adoption to be a child of God. You received the Spirit of Adoption by whom we cry out, “Abba, Father.” 
Romans 8:15 How do we know […]

Six Types of Unhealthy Fathers

So many have a very hard time connecting and relating to God as a loving Father, mainly because of their flawed earthly experiences. For all of us, we have had an upbringing with a father who exhibited one or more of the following traits. With most people, there is an overlap of these they have experienced from their […]

#028: Lack of Nurture and Addictions with Q&A on Fear and Relational Interactions [Podcast]

In this week’s episode, we want to discuss nurture and the battle of addictions that arises from a lack of nurture in your life. We will also be covering a question in our Q&A segment about fear and relationship interactions. Q&A: Fear and Relational Interactions How do I get over the fear of interacting with people […]

The Detached Heart

The issue of the detached heart is a pandemic problem and it concerns me most about the current generation and generations to come. The detached heart has the mark of an inability to emotionally connect to God or one another. With a detached heart, we can still go through the motions of working, raising children […]

#007: What Everyone Needs [Podcast]

In today’s episode, my subject is entitled, “What Everyone Needs.” You won’t want to miss this key insight for your transformational journey. News and Announcements:  1. iTunes Review: thank you to Alyssa Martinez. 2. New York City Q&A: you can find the article and video of my day in Times Square, New York City by going […]