#144: Parenting a Child with Autism (Part 1)

Our Honest Journey of Overcoming as a Family

This is one of our most honest and vulnerable episodes, as we share the journey of parenting a child with autism. This episode is Part one of a two part series. Today the autism spectrum disorder affects nearly 1 in 68 children in the United States, which has risen 30% from only two years ago, where […]

Getting to the Heart of Same Sex Attraction and Gender Confusion

When it comes to same-sex attraction or gender issues, Christians spend a majority of their time debating the right and wrong positions on the matter. This I understand, because oftentimes, a decline of moral standard can occur when people do nothing. Yet at the same time, there are critical things being missed within the cause […]

#105: Walking Out Your Transformation Around Relatives [Podcast]

In this week’s episode we want to discuss the topic of how to work in relationship with family when you have begun a journey of transformation and healing in your life. It can seem like family at times doesn’t want you have change in your life or do you find that you just can’t seem […]

#089: How to Share Your Faith Effectively [Podcast]

Do you struggle in sharing your faith with family, friends and neighbors? Do you have fear surrounding talking about what you believe? Do you beat yourself up that you should be more evangelistic? Do you want to be more bold and courageous? How can we do that effectively. We’ve had questions come in regarding this […]

#069: Removing Guilt from our Relationships [Podcast]

In this episode we talk about the problems guilt plays into our relationships, forcing us to carry burdens we should not be carrying. This week’s episode covers the subject of guilt, and how it affects our relationships with friends, family and those we we help in life. What happens when you want them to be […]

#063: How to Find and Keep a Good Spouse [Podcast]

In today’s episode, we are going to address the second most important decision of your life. Next to what your relationship with God is, your second most important decision is who you end up marrying. Whether you are single and looking to get married or you have already been married for years, this episode will […]