The Day My Busy Life Was Confronted

When I Realized that a Jam Packed Multitasking Life Was Not Healthy

In the name of accomplishment, people crave getting more done and doing multiple things all at the same time. Multitasking has become a more commonplace term, as computers have given us the ability to have more than one program open and operating at the same time. Humans have become trained to think and live like […]

Why Are We So Busy?

Getting to the Real Reason We Struggle to Slow Down

When we lack identity security, a rejection mindset will train us to find validation in being “productive.” Inside, lies a wound that we think will be healed by chasing achievement and a non-stop schedule. Stillness is seen as lazy.  We think that the endless activity will grant us fulfillment and give us a sense of identity. Fear keeps us busy. […]

Being Busy is Not an Admirable Trait

Sacrificing Emotional Health on the Altar on Constant Doing

It has taken me a long time, but I have established a new value in my journey of transformation. “I am just so busy” will no longer be an admirable statement for me. Being busy has too often been a way for me to feel fulfilled and validated in life. I am done with it. […]

Why Multitasking is Killing the Life of Your Heart

We live in a world seeking for convenience. But the moment we can make a task more convenient and efficient, we quickly fill that time with something else; all in the name of “getting things done.” We then stack more and more responsibilities, tasks and projects, believing that multitasking is the way to go. I […]

The Danger of Chronic Busyness

Rejection has stolen our identity and given us counterfeit replacements for feeling self-worth; one of them being constant busyness. We have been trained culturally into a lifestyle of constant activity, drivenness and striving. At the end of the day, we feel crunched for time, and we long for some much needed time off. When we […]