#139: 4 Ways We Cover Up Our Brokenness

Uncovering Our Dysfunctional Patterns that Keep us From Addressing Broken Areas

Everyone is broken, but most people spend their whole life covering up their brokenness rather than being open to the healing. Many people are simply ignorant to how the brokenness of their heart is affecting their life. Others live in a world of denial, being defensive and even stubborn, keeping people from seeing the vulnerable […]

#086: How Destructive Thoughts Get in Our Lives and What to Do About It [Podcast]

Current events are causing more and more people to face the thoughts in their lives, especially fear, dread and despair. I believe that now more than ever, we need to face the negative, destructive and unhealthy thoughts in our lives with a new tenacity. If we do not address these thoughts, we can become crippled […]

#077: How to Deal with Pain Effectively Part 2 [Podcast]

On today’s episode we are continuing our conversation from last week on How to Deal with Pain Effectively. We want to talk about this further and discuss more on how we can move into effective processing of pain and how to maneuver through really difficult times of experiencing loss of hope, failed expectations and things out […]

#041: Does Forgiving Mean Forgetting? [Podcast]

Today’s episode focuses on a question that was sent into us regarding brokenness and forgiveness. Jesus Martinez from East Hartford, Connecticut asks: What’s the difference between a broken heart and a soul wound? Or are they both the same ? Also, what does it really mean to say I can forgive but not forget? Can […]

#025: The Wound Most People Ignore

Experiencing the Power of Nurture

On today’s broadcast, we uncover a wound and an area where our modern generation lacks love, and this is the subject of nurture. In the episode we begin pealing back the mother wound, what nurture was designed to give us and the deadly effects that a nurture void leaves. Mark and Melissa both share their […]

#022: Seven Thoughts that Can Make Us Sick [Podcast]

In today’s episode, I will address the 7 thoughts that can make us sick and keep us sick. I want to help you get free from some of these toxic thoughts that can affect your body negatively, so you can get free! Feature Presentation: 7 Thoughts that Can Make Us Sick In today’s episode, I want to […]

#021: Enemy Access Point No. 4 – A Broken Spirit – Who Broke Your Heart? |Q&A on Food Issues and Fear [Podcast]

In today’s episode, I will address the 4th key door point that can allow enemy access into our thinking. It is one that many are not aware of, it has to do with brokenness in your heart. I will also be taking some questions today on food issues and fear issues in relationships. Q&A Segment: […]