#120: What Does it Mean to Live a Bitter Free Life? [Podcast]

Life not easy. Relationships are not easy. But it is necessary that we know how to handle relationships or our life will be limited and our potential will be squashed. In fact, if we don’t handle relationships well, we can slowly accumulate a toxic bitterness that forms in our system. It can cloud our vision, […]

Why is it So Hard to Forgive?

Forgiveness is one of the most foundational, yet often under-practiced habits in life. Without forgiveness, we’d never experience intimate relationship with God and healthy relationships with others. Our health and wholeness depend on our ability to forgive, yet when you look at the landscape of our world, it seems that people all around are manifesting the […]

How to Have a Good Argument

Most people hate conflict and many avoid it at all costs. But quality relationships are often forged when difficult conversations are had, and the relationship comes out stronger on the other end. I have found sometimes it means having a good old argument to shake the relationship to where it needs to go. Unfortunately, the idea […]

#067: What is God’s Order for the Home? [Podcast]

On this week’s episode, we want to help paint a picture of what order and peace can look like in the home. With so many families struggling with chaos, dysfunction and rebellion, we want to talk about God’s design for the home and what it can look like. Today’s episode will set the stage for future […]

#055: How to Stop Passive Aggressive Communication [Podcast]

Today our subject is one that affects pretty much everyone. It involves the habit of passive aggressive communication.  This pattern has to do with anger and aggression, but it is not done outright, but passively. Outright aggression is spontaneous; an unplanned act of anger that aims to hurt or destroy someone or something. Passive aggression is […]