#131: Questions on Boundaries, Addictions, Sins in the Family & Why We Sin in the First Place?

On this week’s episode, we discuss the issues of family sins, boundaries, addictions and why we end up sinning in the first place. We also address the subject of pornography and how to begin walking a road of healing and freedom from it. Some great questions were submitted and we have some powerful discussions addressing […]

Our Culture Has Become Obsessed! Healing for Obsessive Compulsive Disorder

OCD, Obsessive Compulsive Disorder

I’m having an OCD fit. I’m a little OCD. I am so OCD. Obsessive Compulsion Disorder or as it is often called, OCD, has now become a cultural term. What can be a diagnosed mental illness is also used to describe a fit one may be having in the mind. People can even use OCD […]

#028: Lack of Nurture and Addictions with Q&A on Fear and Relational Interactions [Podcast]

In this week’s episode, we want to discuss nurture and the battle of addictions that arises from a lack of nurture in your life. We will also be covering a question in our Q&A segment about fear and relationship interactions. Q&A: Fear and Relational Interactions How do I get over the fear of interacting with people […]

12 Straight Truths About Addictions

People who recognize their entrapment of addictions and desperately want to be free will often appreciate the straight truth. Whether its drugs, food addictions, relationship addictions or addictive thinking patterns that are obsessive, we all need the straight truth to get free from addictive influences in our lives. Here’s the straight truth to know in […]

Does the Bible Address Addictions?

The key to understanding addictions, from a biblical perspective, is in seeing the meaning of the word lust. James writes, “But every man is tempted, when he is drawn away of his own lust, and enticed” (James 1:14 KJV). In a biblical context, lust is not just a word describing sexual temptation, although that can certainly fit. Lust […]

How Addictions Train the Body: Dopamine

Addictions are a common place theme in today’s society. If its not a substance addictions, its a relationship. If its not an addictive relationship, its an obsessive pattern of thinking. Our world has allowed an addictive mindset to roam and take greater control. We don’t ingest life anymore, we binge. We overload on TV shows, we […]

Do You Have a Rejection Mindset?

A rejection mindset is something we will all have to face in our lives, especially because it will infect how we process relationship. The following is a “Rejection Detection” quiz that will help you to understand how rejection may be affecting your thoughts, feelings and perspectives. If you answer yes to at least one of […]

Exposing the Rejection Mindset (Available Now!)

We are happy to announce the new book launch for Exposing the Rejection Mindset, a new book by Mark DeJesus! Exposing the Rejection Mindset Getting to the Root of Our Relationship and Identity Struggles Take Back Who God Says You Are! Your identity and relationships are everything when it comes to living a full life […]