One of my greatest passions is communication–sharing a compelling message that ignites the people into a transformation experience. Since my youth, I have been speaking in front of crowds. It has been a part of my calling no matter where my journey has taken me.

Connecting with speakers and teachers who can add value to your leadership, church, business or organization is very important. My hope is that this page, along with other pages on my web site, will help you get a sense of my heart, experience and overall passion to inspire transformation it the hearts of people.

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Speaking History:

It seems that most of my life I have found myself speaking in front of crowds and groups of people. I spoke my first message to a large audience of adults at 15 years of age. Since then, I have found myself involved in so many speaking roles:

  • Speaking to teenagers every week for 8 years.
  • Giving sermons as a staff member of a church.
  • Giving weekly messages to a church as the senior leader.
  • Teaching and training at seminars and conferences.
  • Speaking in both large and small groups settings.
  • Speaking live in person or via online web stream.

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Overall Topics:

There are many topics that I am very comfortable speaking on. Here are some of the broad topics:

  1. The Heart:
    • Awakening of the Heart
    • Healing of the Heart
    • Transformation to the Heart
  2. Thoughts:
    • How Thoughts Effects Us
    • Where Thoughts Come From
    • The Mind Body Connection
    • The Spiritual War Over Thoughts
  3. Relationships:
    • Relationship Struggles
    • Relational Healing
    • Working Through Conflict and Relationship Problems
  4. Marriage & Family:
    • Cultivating Real and Authentic Families
    • Living in Divine Order in the Home
    • Working Through Conflict
    • Building Powerful Marriages
  5. Personal Limitations:
    • Addressing Core Hinderances and Limitations
    • Learning to Live as an Overcomer
  6. Spiritual Emotional Health
    • Getting to core issues that influence a lack of wholeness
    • Cultivating power habits that promote health and wholeness
    • Making nutritional changes for health.
  7. Leadership Training:
    • Leading with a healthy heart.
    • Integrity matters.
    • Leading from a place of sonship.
    • Overcoming leadership hinderances.
    • Following your calling.

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Specific Topics:

Here are some of the specific areas I can bring to your group or oganization.

Talks Based on My Books:

These can be speaking topics, but they can also be conference/seminar material as well. Conferences can be customized to a specific format that works for your group.

  1. God Loves Me and I Love Myself!
    • Cultivating a healthy heart life
    • Spiritual heart conditions
    • What It Means to Love Yourself
    • What Loving Yourself Does Not Mean
    • Exposing Self-Hatred, Unworthiness and Self-Pity
    • Practical Tools to Begin Loving Yourself Today
  2. Exposing the Rejection Mindset
    • Exposing the Mindsets that Flow Out of Rejection
    • Spiritual Slavery vs Sonship
    • Removing the Rejection Mindset in Relationships
    • Developing Powerful Identities
  3. Bitter Free!
    • Identifying bitter roots systems
    • Learning to forgive anyone
    • How to overcome anger struggles
    • Powerful conflict resolution
  4. Heart Healing and Personal Transformation
    • How Thoughts Effect Us
    • Where Thoughts Come From
    • How Destructive Thoughts Get In
    • The Mind-Body Connection
    • The Spiritual War of Thoughts
    • Healing in the Love of God
    • Healing Father and Mother Wounds
    • Walking Out Transformation
    • Exposing Core Hinderances
  5. Fear, Anxiety, Stress, Worry and Other Fear Based Issues
    • Exposing fear-based thinking and living
    • Overcoming anxiety, panic, phobias and more
    • Cultivating a fear-free culture

Other Key Topics:

Living as an Overcomer

  • The Marks of An Overcomer
  • The Strategy of Living as an Overcomer

The Father’s Love

  • Healing to the Broken Heart
  • Healing in the Father’s Love
  • The 3 Core Needs Everyone Has

Living in Sonship

  • Moving from Slavery into Sonship
  • Receiving the Spirit of Adoption
  • Top 10 Signs of an Overcoming Son
  • Teaching Your Leadership Team to Live in Sonship
  • Spiritual Fathering

Identity: Living Out of a Secure and Powerful Identity

  • Establishing Love, Identity and Approval
  • What Living from a Powerful Identity Looks Like

Starting a New Season Differently

  • How to engage change and transformation with fresh vision and results

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My Commitment:

Here is what I commit to up front regarding all my speaking engagements:

  1. Prayerfully consider your speaking request and give you prompt answers.
  2. Prompt communication in email or by phone.
  3. A message that will best add value to your particular group.
  4. If requested, a posting of your event on my social media channels.
  5. A prompt arrival and a message that will be given within your pre-given time restraints.
  6. A clear agreed financial expectation for the event.

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Sample Messages:

Here are some sample messages you can watch to get a feel for my personality and delivery:

Being Equipped to Overcome Fear

Letting God Love You As His Creation

The Father’s Love & The Spirit of Adoption

Living from a Powerful Identity

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What Others are Saying:

The ministry of Mark and Melissa DeJesus is vital to the church of our times. Fear, rejection, offenses and bitterness have become destructive weeds in the garden of people’s lives. God has gifted this couple to remove those weeds through powerful teaching & impartation. I encourage you to invite them to speak at your church service or event, and be sure to check out their books and podcasts. It truly is life transforming!

Pastor Mike Smith
Grace Family Church
Wallingford CT

“Mark DeJesus is a gifted and powerful communicator of life changing truth. He speaks not out of theory, but from his experience informed by the truth of Scripture.  His journey has been that of an overcomer–and he knows how to share from what he has learned along the way. I personally have benefited from Mark’s teaching and I believe you will as well.  You will find him to be genuine, vulnerable, encouraging and inspiring.”

Rick McKinniss
Senior Pastor
Wellspring Church
Berlin, Connecticut

“When considering Mark Dejesus as a supernatural brother that can come and minister in a supernatural way here is what I would say. After having him in twice, once for the men and once on a Sunday morning . . .”mature, excellent, outstanding, blessing.” Every age group in my congregation would love to have him come back. Very beneficial. You will not be disappointed.”

Skip Gunn
Senior Pastor
Life Church
Hampden, Massachusetts

“Mark has been processed by the Word that he shares. It is more than revelation, it is a keen ability to impart that which has been received of the Lord. Transformation results when sitting under this highly anointed Pastor, Teacher, Author and Apostolic Visionary. Mark has incredible insight into the depths of human need, and a wonderful God-given ability to match those needs to the supply of the Holy Spirit. We at The Master’s Table Ministries have been greatly enriched by his life, teachings and our friendship with he and his wife Melissa.”

Richard and Estelle Taylor
The Master’s Table Ministries
Hartford, Connecticut

“I attribute much of the spiritual growth and blessing we have enjoyed at our church over the last five years, to the grace of God being released through Mark and Melissa DeJesus and the outstanding ministry of THM. My family and our congregation have been richly blessed through  Mark’s teachings, impartation and personal ministry. I honor The DeJesus family and this great work they are carrying forth. I am eternally grateful for them. My life has been transformed because of their faithfulness and obedience!”

Marios and Danielle Ellinas
Senior Leaders
Valley Shore Assembly of God
Old Saybrook, Connecticut

“My wife and I heard Mark at a series he was giving in another part of the state entitled “Healing and freedom from the Inside Out” We were so impressed with Mark’s teaching that we went to hear the entire series. His teaching and ministry has the ability to bring inner healing, particularly from father heart wounds which can and do effect our relationship with Father God. Mark is a gifted speaker and teacher being able to impart what he has walked through in his own personal journey of healing. We would highly recommend pastors to invite Mark to do a series in their church and particularly to speak to the men in their church.”

 Rev. Tom Buchan
Minister in Connecticut

“I have had the opportunity to witness the ministry of Turning Heart Ministries do exactly what their name says. Mark and Melissa are incredibly anointed and gifted to reach deep into the most broken hearted of people with the love and compassion of Father God, and release new life and healing into them. They will also lovingly inspire everyone else to  believe and receive all that God has for us; and teach how to live that out in a normal and practical way. What this ministry has done and will do, goes beyond the word blessing; but they have blessed my life and ministry incredibly.”

Mark and Jerrica Watrous
Ledyard, Connecticut

“Lisa and I have known Mark for a number of years now and have been consistently impressed by his teaching and ministry events.  Mark’s meetings are so professional and well executed, and his teachings are always thorough, well researched and scriptural.

One of Mark’s outstanding personal attributes is that he’s willing to reach out beyond his immediate ministry to help others build the Kingdom of God in the broader area.  Since our ministry began in 2009, he has helped us in several significant ways, answering important questions about church structure and policy, sharing innovative ways to use ministry technology and encouraging our faith as fellow ministers and covenant friends in Jesus.

We recommend his events, books and CD’s.  We know that all of his teaching resources will be a blessing to anyone truly seeking to be a disciple of The Lord Jesus Christ.”

Randy and Lisa Gordon
Glastonbury, Connecticut

“From the East Coast to the West Coast, Mark and Melissa’s ministry, has transformed lives. Mark’s inspired and deeply anointed teachings have transformed me from merely carrying a pastor’s heart to fully stepping into the call on my life as a full-time pastor.

With confidence I can say, if it had not been for the encouragement, dissection of Scripture and tangible expression of the heart of God that Mark exudes in his messages, I never would have been set free from the prison of thoughts that plagued me throughout much of my life.  I now understand who I am and how God sees me, as His child, with a royal bloodline and tremendous destiny.

Mark’s story, from brokenness to victory, is gripping and his unembellished details of daily maintaining this freedom will inspire anyone who dares to allow his words to invade the depths of their heart.  You will never view scripture, family, relationships, life or God’s love the same.  Not only will both Mark and Melissa’s words be inspiring, but they will also challenge you and test your resolve to get set free and to live an authentic and abundant life.

Put on your seat belts, this couple, who are clearly yielded fully to God, will stir up your desire for greater depths of love, obedience and transformation. Your life will never be the same.”

Rev. Stan Doll
Joy City

“Mark is one of my favorite teachers. He has definitely tapped into the power of our Heavenly Father’s love to transform our hearts and free us from the spiritual and emotional torment that accompanies so much of our human brokenness. Mark teaches with great insight, generously sprinkled with humor, bringing clarity to both the causes of our pain as well as the way out through the life of Christ. His ministry is Spirit led, Presence based and filled with the love and hope experienced through Jesus. I highly recommend Mark as an invaluable resource to every church, ministry, business or organization. You and your congregation, ministry, employees, and volunteers will undoubtably be strengthened through His life and teaching.”

 Weston Brooks
Senior Pastor
River of Life Church
Tolland, Connecticut

“Mark DeJesus is a very humble, wisdom-filled man. The New England Prayer center has invited Mark to speak on more than one occasion and the information he generously gives has an immediate result to the listeners. He has a heart to see people transformed to wholeness in their thinking. Mark’s gift is genuine and he is discerning. We recommend him as a key-note speaker for conferences and seminars. Please take time to read Mark’s books. He has studied and scripted the bases for fear and anxiety – these are timely and so needed in today’s world.”

Dan and Gina Blaze
New England Prayer Center
Easton, Connecticut

“Mark and Melissa DeJesus bring a prophetic voice of healing and transformation in these last days.  I have witnessed firsthand the power and authority of The Lord being poured forth through the ministry of this amazing couple.  Whether it’s inner healing of the soul or the outer healing of the of the physical body; there is no doubt that the Holy Spirit has anointed them to set captives free.  I fully endorse and recommend ministry of Mark and Melissa DeJesus.”

Rob Keator
New Life Assembly of God
Griswold, Connecticut
Pastor/Presbyter/ Overseer (Eastern Connecticut Section A/G)

“Linda and I have known Pastor Mark DeJesus for some years now. His teachings are absolutely necessary if you desire your church to walk in a greater level of wholeness. His teachings are biblically based and filled with medical research. Pastor Mark brings an unusual gift of teaching the complexities of how sin impacts our physical and mental health, as well its negative impact upon our faith. His teachings go even further by bringing to light how relationships between family, community, and God suffer as a result of past hurts. If you have not had the opportunity to invite Pastor Mark to your ministry setting, I highly recommend Pastor Mark’s ministry to you and your congregation.”

Pastor Robert Hawley
Qualifying Times Ministries

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