S01 EP02: The War Over Your Heart

Being Awakened to the Invisible War Over Your Life

The War Over Your Heart

When you wake up in the morning and face the day, do you recognize the war that is taking place over your heart? Are you aware that as a believer, you are engaged in a spiritual war?

What about that resistance you feel throughout your week? Are you aware of an enemy that seeks to oppose your progress and starve the life of your heart?

We can give lip service to the spiritual battles that we face, but are we engaging these battles with sobriety and clarity? Too often, you find believers being taken out, mainly because they forgot about the war they are engaged in.

Awakening to the War Over Your Heart

Somewhere along the way, we’ve been taught that once you enter the Kingdom of God, there is no battle and everything should just happen fairly easily. This isn’t biblical, nor does it even represent what manifests in the body of Christ. If we are not careful, we will live unaware of the war that we are engaged in.

The moment we became born again, we were born into a war; a war that wages in the invisible. You may not see it, but you can feel and observe the effects of it all around you. You even sense it through the daily thoughts you battle and the obstacles you face. The manifestation of the war plays out in how our lives have tension, brokenness and bondage manifesting in people’s lives.

The Battle Over Your Thoughts

The basis of this war is, “What will the predominant thoughts and values system be for your life? What will hold your attention? What will be your perspective on life, on God and your circumstances? What perspectives will captivate your heart?”

How we face this battle in our lives will determine our effectiveness in life.

But are we aware of the war that is going on over our hearts? Do we see the spiritual battle taking place that attempts to steal the life of God from flowing in us? Are we aware of the thoughts, feelings and impressions that we have, which reveal the war? Are we armed for this?

In this episode, we want to pull back the curtain a bit and show the tactics that come against us that we need to be more aware of.

Video Broadcast:

In this episode, we talk about: 

  • The signs that reveal the invisible war that comes against our hearts.
  • What the spiritual battle is all about.
  • What we were not equipped with to face the battles we face.
  • The 7 Major Themes of War that comes against our hearts.

7 Major Themes of the War Over Our Hearts:

  1. Capturing the affection and desires of your heart.
  2. Increase the peace of your life. 
  3. Keep you in unhealthy responses to pain and brokenness.
  4. Pursuit of knowledge without heart experience or depth.
  5. Keep you unaware of the battle you have in your thoughts.
  6. Wear you out.
  7. Manifest relationship breakdown.

Action Steps:

  • Begin to ask God to awaken your heart, so that you may come alive to who God is, who you are and significance of your life in it all.
  • Which one of the 7 themes do you need to become more aware of today?

Transcript – S01 EP02 The War Over Your Heart


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