14 Signs of Spiritual Abuse

Be Aware of the Warning Signs

spiritual abuse

I’ve spent years helping people recover from abusive situations. They range from abusive marriages, homes and even abusive church environments. Over the years, there has become an aware of how church and ministry environments can misuse their influence and authority in a way that damages the spiritual and emotional life of people. This has become […]

#158: Healing from Spiritual Abuse: Part 2

What are the Signs and What Contributes to the Problem

Healing from Spiritual Abuse

Spiritual abuse is a term that involves misusing someone for our own benefit or protection OR we do nothing to protect someone when we have the ability to do so. It often involves the misuser of  our influence, our words and our relational capacity in a way that damages others.  We have found that spiritual abuse […]

#157: Healing from Spiritual Abuse: Part 1

What It Is and How Deeply it Infects People

Healing from Spiritual Abuse

One of the biggest issues that comes our way has to with the subject of spiritual abuse. Masses of people are coming for help because of abuse they have experienced from someone in church or a ministry, be it a spiritual leader, pastor or someone of influence in their life. The repercussions are intense. For […]

#156: How to Cultivate Safe Relationships

What Do They Look Like and How Can We Experience Them?

Safe Relationships

What causes more relationship problems than anything else is when safety is not present in a relational connection. Where there is safety, healing, loving and transformation can be experienced. When it’s not there, some of the greatest hurt and damage can be inflicted into people’s lives. We already have tender areas of our hearts that […]

9 Steps to Overcome Self-Pity

Ways You Can Begin Taking Your Life Back

Overcoming Self-Pity

We all have certain areas that are prone to self-pity. Those are usually the areas we can grow in the most, but self-pity will keep us from it. This article is intended for those who really want to take their life back and manifest change. Self-pity triggers whenever a challenge in our life seems to […]

When Self-Pity Kicks Back

The Lie of: You Don’t Love Me!


To move from living defeated into the overcoming life, we have to cross the threshold of breaking out of self-pity. Just when someone is about to get free, self-pity pulls the “you don’t love me card.” I often warn people, Just so you know, you may hear thoughts that I do not love you, I […]

#155: When You Lack Motivation

When You or Your Children Struggle to be Motivated

Do you or your child struggle with motivation? One of the big parenting questions that is brought to us is the issue of an unmotivated child; either a young child or teenager. Maneuvering through causes many parents to throw in the towel, because they feel that nothing works or they cannot seem to help. Some […]

How Self-Pity Will Keep You From Transformation

Letting Go of this Blanket of Death

Self-Pity, Feeling Sorry for Yourself

One of the great lessons I have learned is that feeling sorry for yourself actually makes your condition worse. The problem is that it can feel comfortable to remain in self-pity. It’s like a cozy blanket, but it will keep you trapped from ever breaking free. It is my honor to help people break out […]

Exposing Self-Pity: The Counterfeit Coping Mechanism

The Prison of Feeling Sorry for Yourself


In order to overcome, there is no question you will have to face trials by growing in patience, hope and resilience. Let me be honest with you. In the decades I have spent helping people I can say with confidence that life is not easy. You will need to build a tenacity in life that […]