Why Are We So Busy?

Getting to the Real Reason We Struggle to Slow Down

When we lack identity security, a rejection mindset will train us to find validation in being “productive.” Inside, lies a wound that we think will be healed by chasing achievement and a non-stop schedule. Stillness is seen as lazy.  We think that the endless activity will grant us fulfillment and give us a sense of identity. Fear keeps us busy. […]

Is Being “Driven” Killing Our Emotional Health?

Confronting the Seduction of Chronic Drivenness

People all over the world take great pride in being “driven.” Although there is great reward for diligence, hard work and persistence, drivenness can take passionate pursuit and condition us to live under an unhealthy pressure that steals the joy of life. For those who lack identity and a sense of worth, chronic drivenness and striving will flood […]

When love comes your way, do you deflect it back?

Is there an unworthiness that keeps you from receiving love from God and others.

When we deflect love that is sent our way, deflecting it is not a work of humility, its an unworthy mindset that needs to be broken.

What we often call humility is actually a work of unworthiness that rejects the love that God has for us and keeps us from connecting to the higher identity that is available to us. Break through and learn to receive His love today: http://bit.ly/2eX7jnD

Breaking Off Unworthiness

Do You Really Believe You Are Worth Being Loved?

I used to cry out to God on my knees saying, “I am not worthy!” I was trained to think that the more I thought I was unworthy, the more it would make me feel worthy. Yet the opposite happened. The more I thought of myself as unworthy, the more separated from God’s love I […]

#143: Healing for Emotional Exhaustion

What Causes It and How to Live Free from It

Ever find yourself saying, “I am so drained” or “I am so exhausted!” We’ve all spoken those words from time to time. But what happens with those kind of statements become more than just an occasional rough day to a continual pattern that keeps repeating? Emotional exhaustion is a chronic state of being depleted emotionally […]

This is Your World if You Don’t Love Yourself

What Will Surround Your Life if You Avoid This Issue

You were made to love and be loved and loving yourself is a critical aspect of love. The majority of the problems people face go back to whether or not they have experienced the depth of love on a regular basis. This not only involves receiving the love of God, but loving yourself as He […]

I work with a lot of people who feel stuck or trapped in their journey. They feel they are in the same circumstances with little change in their life. This is one simple thing I help people to do experience more freedom in their walk with God.

3 Powerful Traits of Overcomers

Having What It Takes to Break Through

In this day, overcomers are rising in greater number, but you have to look closely to find them. They carry a tenacity to stay the course, despite being attacked with great resistance and impossibilities. Yet in theses days, only the overcomers will rise to the top. I have been spending my life learning to be […]