Help Me Launch 3 New Book Projects!

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I am excited to announce the launch of three new book projects: “Exposing the Rejection Mindset” (2nd edition), “I Will Not Fear” (2nd edition) and a new book, “Experiencing God’s Love as Your Father.”

Join the launch team and help us spread the message of healing, freedom and transformation!

About the Campaign

This book launch campaign will help us raise funds for the costs of publishing these books and well as getting our initial inventory. The campaign will also help support the media work of Transformed You, where we will continue to publish books, audio and video material.

Campaign Goal = $5,000

Join the Launch Team!

Exposing the Rejection Mindset (2nd edition)

As one of the more popular subjects, this book has helped many people address what has kept them from a experiencing love, knowing who they are and walking in powerful relationships.

This second edition is streamlined and concise, hitting the target with new insights and practical application.

Expected Publication: December 2017 or January 2018

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I Will Not Fear (2nd edition)

Millions of people are struggling every day with fear based thinking. This second edition will not only share the insights that have helped me, but have helped many people walk into new found freedom over anxiety, stress, worry and fear based thinking.  This new edition will be broken down in a 28 day reading process, where you can address aspects of fear in an effective way. This book is big on insights and strategy to help you live free.

Expected Publishing Date: January 2018

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Experiencing God’s Love as Your Father

One of my greatest passions is helping people connect to the love of God, especially in who He is as a Father. Many Christians have not been taught how to have a fruitful relationship with Father God. This book will help lead you into a personal experience with His love.

I will be publishing this edition as a hardcover. It will make a great gift for those who need encouragement in their journey.

Expected Published Date: December 2017

Join the Launch Team!


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