Confronting the Chains of Perfectionism – Part 8

Prayer for Breaking Free from Perfectionism

Beware of the point where you don’t feel weak or vulnerable anymore. In the place of weakness, God is saying, my strength comes best in weakness. So Paul says, you know what, I’m going to rejoice in this. How many of you have ever looked at that evil spirit square in the face and said, you know what, this is fun – bring it on! This is going to start getting fun now. In the rejoicing and growing, you actually get free, you help others get free and you learn where your greatest strength lies–in vulnerable weakness.

When you apply this, you start to take joy in your trials. Joy is the perspective of looking at your battles as fun and exciting because God is with you in the journey. Even though you are not perfected, the pressure is off. That’s the pressure that Christ took away, so now you need to take your peace and walk the path with joy, because the journey is the best part of life!

The whole church is in a hurry to “get through” their battles, rather than taking joy in the midst of the growth and overcoming. So many Christians are also in a big hurry to get to heaven, but God doesn’t need you in heaven right now! He needs you right here, doing the work of ministry and destroying the works of the devil all around the planet. Everywhere you go, you ought to be undoing the enemy’s devices, all while in weakness in areas of your life.

I am committed to teaching people to stay faithful to growing and walking out the process of transformation. In the day to day, God will meet me in the learning to grow me and perfect me, because grace is available to those who admit weakness. Grace is unavailable when you think you don’t have any weakness.

When you present yourself as someone who has arrived and doesn’t need help or change, you actually lose your power. That’s why so many religious people have no power. They look the part, they look shiny, but their armor’s full of rust. They just tried to spray some Jesus spray over the rust, but the rust came back through. Those who make an allowance for weakness have a greater receptivity of the power of God, because they are pliable in the hands of God.

Do you rejoice where you’re weak? Because God’s saying to us, power’s going to come in weakness. Satan doesn’t want you to understand this, he wants to accuse you and to come under it. Perfectionism is saying the results are not happening so fear of failure comes in. Then you become tempted to be more driven and perform.

We have got to start learning that mistakes are not the end. We must also teach our children mistakes are not the end, so the tormenting pressure can come off. It doesn’t mean that we don’t walk in excellence and want to grow – we should manifest some of the greatest realms of excellence on the planet – but it means that we not tormented in it. That’s the word for us – you grow but you’re not tormented in your journey and in your pathway of growth.

If we make an allowance for weakness in ourselves, we also have to do this for other people. As you receive, it must be given out to others. You pour out of what is stored up inside of you. Those who are hypocritical and fault-finding of others often have the same issue. Its actually a weakness in themselves. Instead of dealing with it in their own life first and having compassion for those who also struggle, they have condemning radar towards others. Its nasty and destructive.

I’ll tell you how I break this in your life. Whatever area you are the most critical in others, begin to recognize it in your own life so you can have some grace and compassion for others. Its amazing to me how many people hammer others who struggle with the same thing they struggle with. We haven’t let grace have its work in our lives.

9. Pride Has to Go

We’ve got to lower our pride in thinking we need to know it all, have it all, do it all or have it all together. Want to know if you are walking away from pride? How well can you be corrected? Can you handle being wrong? Can you handle others seeing your spiritual flaws? Can you admit to mistakes and be ok with it? Can you let go of control in needing everything to be perfect?

When you allow pride in, you don’t just have a devil problem, you have a God problem. God actually says that He resists the proud. The cool part is that God gives out His power and ability to those who are humble. His grace is available to those who cut past the pride bondage. That’s why Jesus said, blessed are the poor in spirit, for theirs is the kingdom of heaven. Those who carry that vulnerability are powerhouses in the Kingdom.

Pride bucks weakness. pride bucks correction. Pride bucks change. Pride bucks being exposed. Pride is comfortable with looking strong outside without truly being changed inside.

10. Confront Fear

You must take a stand against the fear that drives you to be perfect. You’re going to have to identify this as a fear issue and you’re going to begin to command these inherited spirits of fear to go and begin to come out of agreement. The fear of making mistakes and the fear of failure can no longer be a driving force.

11. Let Patience Have its Perfect Work

Want to talk about being perfect? I’ll show you what perfection is: being perfected in love and learning to walk in patience. The Bible says this, let patience have its perfect work. You show me someone who is walking in perfection – true holiness of God – you’ll find somebody who manifests and exudes patience. That’s your battleground. Wherever you struggle with perfectionism is the place where patience has not had its work. God is not interested in microwaving you, He’s interested in creating patience in you.

12. Take Your Peace

We ned to keep growing, while taking our peace that we have not arrived. This is ok.

Not that I’ve already attained, Paul says in the book of Philippians.

What is grace doing? In your weakness, it reminds you, you need more of Christ’s strength in you. Rely on it. Yield to it. You need more of His strength. Now, how do you do that? You run in your closet, you ask Him for that strength? Yes. But you keep that mindset when you’re out in public.

What we often do is we go in the closet and say, “I want to change with just me and God, just me and Jesus, because all those crazy people out there…they’re crazy, I don’t want them to see my junk.” No. That vulnerability you have in the closet needs to be carried with you, because people will be changed by your honest and vulnerable journey. We are moved more by people’s process of overcoming than we are about people looking strong.

No one is deeply changed by the phony, polished, professional Jesus that so many portray. Get out there and be authentic. Stop the hiding, because people can see many of your weaknesses anyway. Why play the game? If you take your peace with being flawed and in process, others will come along side of you – to bless you and to be blessed by the fact that they don’t have to be perfect around you.

Prayer for Freedom from Perfectionism

So I ask You, Father, in the name of Jesus Christ that You would just release the power of the risen Savior in this place. You have anointed my words, you have anointed my

mouth, you have anointed my heart. Thank you so much for being with me, Father. I couldn’t do this without You. You have brought me through a lot of valleys, and I appreciate the mountain tops, but I’m learning to appreciate the valleys. I am learning to be ok in weakness. I have some great giftings, but I also have some real weak areas. And God, in that place, you still use me.

So I just come out of agreement for myself and for others; to come out of perfectionism, out of this accusing and religious burden that says, you have to be perfect; have to arrive somewhere; I want to release you from that. Some of you have generational inherited perfectionism; where your parents put a heavy one on you, and that thing has just latched onto you. When you zig rather than zag you are tormented. When you go up when you should’ve gone down you are tormented over it. God wants to release you from that to know that His grace is sufficient to walk with you. If God is content to walk with you from now until eternity, to walk with you through your trouble, then you’re gonna need to be released to be ok with that in your own life. From glory to glory.

God, I release an appreciation for the “in between” glories where we’re ok with the goofy transitions. God there are days I don’t even know how to talk. There are days I don’t even know how to walk. I feel so uneasy in my own skin, and in that you’re with me to walk with me through it, to perfect me, and I can be ok with that and I can actually put a smile on my face now because it’s going to be alright; You’re going to walk us through it.

So I release you, Turning Hearts, from having to be healed by tomorrow. I release you from having to get through the stuff you’re battling overnight. I release you from the accusation that comes in you against others. Release them now to grow. Release them now in their own journey. Leave the results in God’s hands. We’re releasing our children, we’re releasing our friendships. We’re releasing our brothers and sisters. Release that job, release that deadline. Release that pressure. Cast the care on Him now. So that spirit of perfectionism, that accusing, religious spirit that throws scriptures at you and presses you down and accuses you to yourself would just begin to be broken right now in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ.

God, You didn’t send Your Son, Christ Jesus so we could sit here in accusation, and mull over where we don’t measure up and where we’re so messed up and fall into a pity over it and fall into despair. We can actually be lifted up. It’s ok. I am growing in loving myself and it’s ok. I’m growing in being more loving to others. It’s ok. I’m not great in certain areas, but I’m growing . And I also appreciate what God has put in other people. I don’t compare myself to them because I don’t want to devalue ME. I want to value who I am and so I thank You for that, Father.

So I just release these people right now from inherited curses of religious perfectionism and performance – where daddy put a heavy one on you to be this way and that way, and you were disapproved when you weren’t. Where mommy put a heavy one on you to be this way or that way and when you weren’t you were shunned – you got that look and then you felt that rejection come in. It has stolen your peace. It’s made you performers. It’s made you never feel free to just be yourself. I release you from that.

I release you men from being so afraid to fail that you never step out and try. God will meet you at every step of faith, and every time you fall, though you fall seven times the Lord will pick you up. He’s going to carry you and in that weakness He’ll actually raise you up higher because you’re just vulnerable and weak and moldable in His hands. I release you from that curse that accuses you that you’re just going to fail, so don’t even bother starting. I release you from even lack of motivation or a passivity where you just sit quiet and you never say anything. You just sit still and you never step out and pray, you never step out and try.

God says, I’m going to meet you when you try, and I feel the Holy Spirit saying, I’m going to step out and meet you that even if you don’t say the right words, I’m still going to back you up. Because your heart’s in it and you just want to break out of your daddy’s junk. You want to break out of your mommy’s junk. You want to step out now, and so you’re no longer tormented by, “Did I say that scripture just right? Did I say that right? I’m not really sure, I’m just doing the best I know how.” God says He’s gonna meet you there, because He rewards those who step out in faith. He’s looking for faith. He’s looking for that raw belief that says, “I’m going to believe what God says and I’m going to step out and do it.”

I release you ladies from the perfectionism that comes upon you and it causes you to feel that you’ve got to get your hands around things and control situations, or manipulate things. The witchcraft mindset certainly comes through both genders, but it loves to target you to use manipulative emotional schemes. I release you from that in your generations. I release you from that in your marriages and in your homes. I release you from putting perfectionism against how you look or how you act, or what kind of mother you are or what kind of spouse you are. Release yourself right now in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ. Because if God is content to grow with you where you are, you ought to be content to grow now from where you’re at. In Jesus name I thank You for that, Father. Thank You for that.

I cast out that fear of failure right now in the name of Jesus. Loose these people now, fear of rejection, fear of what people will think, fear of being vulnerable, fear of looking stupid. I feel that – fear of looking stupid has been tormenting many of you. Fear of looking like an idiot. Well the enemy’s an idiot for telling you that. I release you from that, in Jesus name. I release you from that. I release you from the stress that causes your anger battles because you are pent up, knotted up and the pressure’s on. So all the enemy has to do is tap one thread, one string – that one nerve and the anger unleashes. I release you from that programming in the name of Jesus. The pressure’s off, guys, the pressure’s off. Step out and begin to enjoy your life again. Step out and begin to have adventure.

One of the things I want to instill in our men is I want to instill the adventure back in your heart again. You’re so lost in your job and the bills, you don’t even know what’s fun anymore. You don’t even know what it means to have life more abundantly. All you’re thinking about it all the pressure, and you don’t enjoy anything. I want to release that enjoyment back into your life again. The adventure that God put in a man to be able to go out there like a warrior and take hell on for size and enjoy it the whole time through.

Whatever happened to the man that goes out and shoots the gun, or slings the spear and loves the battle and just loves to get out there and fight? Our men have been cut off at the knees. They’ve been cut off at the knees because they’re not perfect and they don’t know what they’re doing. God is saying clearly to us, who cares if you don’t know – I will meet you in the going to teach you on the way. Jesus said, “learn from Me,” but we can’t learn if we’re not pushing with Him in the plough, going into the field. So I release you in the name of Jesus to be yourself and to be content right now.

For some of you it’s like your shoulders and your muscles, everything’s just starting to loosen up right now. Healing is going to take place. Deliverance is happening, even right now. This message is life changing if put into motion. This teaching has saved my life – it’s priceless. It is of worth and value, and the nations need to hear what we’re talking about.

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