S03 Ep06: Listening to God

Tuning into the Still Small Voice

Listening to God

Listening to the promptings and thoughts from God are critical to experiencing transformation. But for many believers, the subject of listening to God seems intimidating, challenging or possibly impractical. Yet at the same time, Jesus said, “My sheep hear My voice…” in John 10:27 Jesus is the Living Word, speaking the heart of the Father. […]

S03 Ep05: Stillness

The Secret Power of Doing Nothing


If you want to make most people squirm, ask them to practice stillness; to still and do nothing…absolutely nothing. Within 5 seconds, most people would reach for their cell phones or find something to keep their minds stimulated. It’s amazing how unfamiliar we are with a life of stillness. Masses of people live as though […]

S03 Ep04: Receiving from God

Learning to Receive With Your Heart

Receiving from God

It is a great honor and privilege to be able to receive from God. Yet it is also a great struggle for many. Too often, receiving God’s love and forgiveness can be a real challenge. Why is this and why are we having such difficulties? In this episode, we want to talk about the importance […]

S03 Ep03: Repentance

The Opportunity to Turn Your Thinking Around


Repentance is a gift from God, yet it is also a misunderstood word. I also find that it is an underutilized tool. Yet as believers, we have an incredible privilege to engage fruitful ways of thinking and move into new directions. This becomes empowered through heart-felt repentance, which involves shifting from one way of thinking […]

S03 Ep02: Self Awareness

7 Ways it Can Enhance Your Transformation


As you seek to experience dynamic transformation in your life, you’ll need to become more accurately aware of what is going on in the life of your heart. Self-awareness is trait of emotional intelligence that can give us a sense of what’s going on and how we are processing life. As a developed habit, learning […]

S03 Ep01: Self-Compassion


We begin a series on transformational habits–important practices, mindsets and habits to become aware of when processing your healing and freedom with God. One of those important experiences is to practice self-compassion. Without it, you will end up being hard on yourself and not seeing what God is doing in the life of your heart. […]