8 Ways People Pleasing Will Destroy Your Life

The Dangers of the Disease to Please

Is people pleasing eating away at your life? People pleasing is the practice of doing things to keep others happy, without consideration of your desire and choice. Many people live in bondage to people pleasing, but they don’t see it as an unhealthy thing. They think they are doing God’s work, when in reality they […]

I work with a lot of people who feel stuck or trapped in their journey. They feel they are in the same circumstances with little change in their life. This is one simple thing I help people to do experience more freedom in their walk with God.

We have been so conditioned to run from pain and discomfort that it keeps us from the potential we carry.

God is not interested in making us comfortable, but stretching us. To walk in freedom, we need to put ourselves in a position where God must show up: because we really need Him to.

I wanted freedom from my struggles. God wanted to lead me into an identity upgrade. As I began to share my story, I found that the majority of the church had the same issues, but no tools to overcome.

Yet when I step out in faith to help others, I found very few jumped out. I was stunned at how we can be so content to stay in our junk. We often long for comfort more than we desire absolute transformation.

#135: How to Get Out of a Bad Rut and Change

Do you feel like you are stuck in a rut? Are you spinning your wheels, following the same routine, wanting more, wanting change, but you find yourself in the same situations, same circumstances and finding yourself in deep ruts you can’t seem to get out of? Maybe it’s a negative thought pattern. It might be […]

God’s Original Design for Us

The Plan for Relationship

Genesis records the amazing beginning of mankind as we know it. God fashioned the heavens and the earth and created humans; beginning with Adam. Out of Adam, God formed and fashioned Eve. Not only did God create mankind, he created man in His own image; a beautiful and wonderful design. God gave these humans authority […]

God is Not Like Your Father

Not Letting Your Earthly Father Wounds Keep You from Father God

We must target a key wound that has to be addressed for healing. We all carry a love bucket that our fathers were meant to fill, yet so many have not received that important expression of love. Earthly fathers were designed to help us understand the love of our Heavenly Father. Your relationship with your […]

Healing from Traumatic Events

It is often necessary for personal ministry to take place regarding traumatic moments. I personally believe this should be a part of the ministry of the church. I do not think professionals should be the only ones helping others to break free from a traumatic past. Often, it simply takes a loving friend with compassion and […]