My Story of Personal Healing and Freedom

The Heart of My Passion for Transformation

Mark DeJesus Writing

Those who are aware of my work may not be aware of my story, which is incredibly important to who I am and what I do.  What has happened in my life has catapulted me into a world of transformation, but also a deep passion to help others experience that same healing and freedom. I […]

“What’s the Story You’re Listening To?”
by Mark DeJesus

What's the Story You're Listening To?

Everyone lives by a story they carry in their heart and mind. It’s the narrative that filters everything you see in life. It drives what you pay attention to and influences your direction in life.

What is the story you are living by? In this message from Isaiah, I will identify six things your story will do and how to change your story according to what God says about your life.

Do you feel stuck? This might be what you need to break out to move forward in life.

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“Chastened and No Longer Comfortable with Vomit Part 2”
by Mark DeJesus

Chastened and No Longer Comfortable with Vomit - Part 2

In this part two, I will lead you in a prayer to face your fears and go to the next level in your transformation. May we never go back to the vomit of the old and keep pressing forward into the new.

“Chastened and No Longer Comfortable with Vomit – Part 1”
by Mark DeJesus

Chastened and No Longer Comfortable with Vomit - Part 1

This message shares a major aspect of my transformational journey. It was one of the most requested copy in my preaching library for quite a while. It became known as “the vomit message.” I believe people’s heart have been touched because it spoke to the heart of an overcomer–those who really want to grow to their fullest potential.

This message will confront the fear that we all have that keeps us from pressing into the deeper growth that is available. So the question is, “What are you afraid of in going deeper?”

But as you break free, you cannot tolerate the old systems of living anymore. In addition, the message Jesus brought was full of love, yet full of “all in” commitment and transformation.

The next level for us is often going through a chastening process. But what is chastening? What does that look like? This exhortation will give you a better understanding of the how learning to process chastening is an important part of growing into sonship.

If we ignore the chastening, we often to back to what was comfortable. We leave the upgraded identity available for us and we go back to the junk–back to the vomit; even though we are not meant to like vomit, we go back to the old, because it’s familiar and comfortable.

Let this message stir you up to break through in ways you’ve never experienced.

Scriptures Used:

  • Hebrews 12
  • 2 Peter 2:20-22

“God Rejoices Over You While He Transforms You”
by Mark DeJesus

God Rejoices Over You While He Transforms You

In the midst of our struggles and pain, it’s empowering to know that God rejoices over us, gives peace to us and works to grow us in dynamic ways.

In this message, learn how you can receive His peace, quiet yourself and receive the song He is singing over you. In the midst of difficultly you can engage His love the joy that is available to you.

You’ll also learn how to receive the cleansing from shame so that we experience the beauty of His work. You can engage His peace in such a way that you keep it when others are not at peace. You can know what it means to keep your peace in the midst of a stormy world that doesn’t want your peace.

Based on Zephaniah 3, I will encourage you to walk through a transformative process that God leads you through so you can recognize how much He loves you and wants to empower you.

8 Ways People Pleasing Will Destroy Your Life

The Dangers of the Disease to Please

Is people pleasing eating away at your life? People pleasing is the practice of doing things to keep others happy, without consideration of your desire and choice. Many people live in bondage to people pleasing, but they don’t see it as an unhealthy thing. They think they are doing God’s work, when in reality they […]

I work with a lot of people who feel stuck or trapped in their journey. They feel they are in the same circumstances with little change in their life. This is one simple thing I help people to do experience more freedom in their walk with God.

We have been so conditioned to run from pain and discomfort that it keeps us from the potential we carry.

God is not interested in making us comfortable, but stretching us. To walk in freedom, we need to put ourselves in a position where God must show up: because we really need Him to.

I wanted freedom from my struggles. God wanted to lead me into an identity upgrade. As I began to share my story, I found that the majority of the church had the same issues, but no tools to overcome.

Yet when I step out in faith to help others, I found very few jumped out. I was stunned at how we can be so content to stay in our junk. We often long for comfort more than we desire absolute transformation.

God’s Original Design for Us

The Plan for Relationship

Genesis records the amazing beginning of mankind as we know it. God fashioned the heavens and the earth and created humans; beginning with Adam. Out of Adam, God formed and fashioned Eve. Not only did God create mankind, he created man in His own image; a beautiful and wonderful design. God gave these humans authority […]