#095: Are You Equipped for War? [Podcast]

On this week’s episode, we discuss one of the critical blocks to making any changes or breaking free into new patterns. This area takes people out without them even realizing it. We want to address the spiritual resistance that occurs whenever we decide to make any change in life. Do you find that when you […]

How to See Yourself and Your Fear Struggles

For many, there is a tendency to see themselves and others as being one with their sin battles. They view themselves and others through the lens and filter of past committed sins or currently sin battles. In the case of fear, when it manifests itself in your body through anxiety, stress, worry, or panic, you […]

What is a Stronghold?

The word stronghold is a military term used to help us perceive the unseen battle of thought that wars over us. When it comes to war, there is a common military strategy that is often utilized to overthrow the enemy. It involves setting up key strongholds where further advancement can be achieved. When one country […]

Understanding Invisible Things: Heavenly Places

Are you aware of the invisible realm that surrounds you and affects everything in life? Heavenly Places One of the Scriptural words utilized in speaking of the unseen spiritual realm is the Greek word epouranios, which is often translated heavenly or heavenly places. This word heavenly places speaks of a spiritual arena where explosive activity […]