8 Ways People Pleasing Will Destroy Your Life

The Dangers of the Disease to Please

Is people pleasing eating away at your life? People pleasing is the practice of doing things to keep others happy, without consideration of your desire and choice. Many people live in bondage to people pleasing, but they don’t see it as an unhealthy thing. They think they are doing God’s work, when in reality they […]

#134: How to Hold Your Peace

Learning to Take, Hold, Keep and Guard Our Peace

If there’s something that is really missing from many people’s lives, it’s the subject of peace. I want to take a few moments as you enter into the Christmas season, but also entering into the new year, or maybe you’re accessing this as an archived episode many months or years from now and you’re tuning […]

Advice for those Who Struggle with the Holidays

What to Do When the Holidays Bring Up Pain

Holidays are associated with celebration, connecting with loved ones and being refreshed. Yet for so many, holiday seasons can have painful associations attached. Memories of loss and reminders of heartache can often cloud the celebrations. Some have lost a dear family member and the holidays are a very clear reminder of their absence. Sometimes that […]

4 Things that Do Not Help People Change

As a passionate student of transformation, I love observing the patterns, habits and mindsets that move people into dynamic change for their life. Observing people overcome huge odds is what I live to see. Over the years, I have found some common traits that help all overcomers get victory. At the same time, there are some […]

#105: Walking Out Your Transformation Around Relatives [Podcast]

In this week’s episode we want to discuss the topic of how to work in relationship with family when you have begun a journey of transformation and healing in your life. It can seem like family at times doesn’t want you have change in your life or do you find that you just can’t seem […]

#101: Am I Empowering My Problems by Talking About Them? [Podcast]

In this week’s episode, we want to tackle the subject of sharing our problems with others. This can be an incredibly powerful experience but it can also be a miserable one, depending on the mindsets of those involved. In many families and communities, they don’t want to talk about any problems or struggles at all. […]