Do You Have Fun in Your Life?

6 Ways Enjoyment Adds Rest

Rest, Fun

One of the reasons you may lack rest in your life is because you don’t know how to simply have fun. Christians often take themselves too seriously. I bet you are one of them. I know I fall into it all the time. It’s easy to slide into being too serious, because we are dealing […]

Entering into Rest by Cutting Yourself Some Slack

Learning to be Patient with Your Process


Many times people ask me, “how long did it take you to overcome chronic anxiety?” or “how long did it take for the healing process?” Yet one of the biggest things that has helped me over the years is to be patient with myself and the transformation. I push myself to learn, but it took […]

Finding Rest in the Word of God

Has the Bible Become Boring to You?

Rest, Word of God

Great rest is available as we rest on the Word of God. When I work with people who are struggling to hear God’s voice, I encourage them to focus their attention on what God has already said. This helps prime their hearing to the frequency of God’s voice in their hearts. There are many times […]

The One Area of Your Life Where You Need to be Driven

But Are You Willing to Do This?

driven, drivenness, rest

One of the buzzwords in business and success talk is hustle, emphasizing a life of constant focus and drivenness. The intention behind this is not all bad. Dedication, consistency and hard work need to be emphasized in order for a person to live a effective life. To be successful, we are taught to have an […]

“Hindrances to Rest”
by Mark DeJesus

Hindrances to Rest

Rest is available for us right now, but are we aware of the war that exists over us entering into that divine rest?

This message will encourage and challenge you to become more aware of God’s rest and see how you can overcome the obstacles to enter into it today.

What is the Rest of God?

And Why Are We Not Living In It?

Rest of God

For over ten years, I’ve been fascinated about what it means to live in the rest of God. Growing up, the subject was mentioned in church, but how to actually process this rest seemed so foreign. In fact, the rest of God is actually one of the most counter cultural precepts in Scripture. It goes […]

Why Are We So Busy?

Getting to the Real Reason We Struggle to Slow Down

When we lack identity security, a rejection mindset will train us to find validation in being “productive.” Inside, lies a wound that we think will be healed by chasing achievement and a non-stop schedule. Stillness is seen as lazy.  We think that the endless activity will grant us fulfillment and give us a sense of identity. Fear keeps us busy. […]

Is Being “Driven” Killing Our Emotional Health?

Confronting the Seduction of Chronic Drivenness

People all over the world take great pride in being “driven.” Although there is great reward for diligence, hard work and persistence, drivenness can take passionate pursuit and condition us to live under an unhealthy pressure that steals the joy of life. For those who lack identity and a sense of worth, chronic drivenness and striving will flood […]