#169: Ministering to ADHD

Healing Our Attention and Focus

Ministering to ADHD

The attention span of our generations is getting shorter and weaker, to the point that Attention Deficit Disorder and Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder are constantly on the rise. What do we need to do to effectively minister to someone who has this struggle? Do we need to confront how culture is forming our attention span […]

“What’s the Story You’re Listening To?”
by Mark DeJesus

What's the Story You're Listening To?

Everyone lives by a story they carry in their heart and mind. It’s the narrative that filters everything you see in life. It drives what you pay attention to and influences your direction in life.

What is the story you are living by? In this message from Isaiah, I will identify six things your story will do and how to change your story according to what God says about your life.

Do you feel stuck? This might be what you need to break out to move forward in life.

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