7 Ways a Religious Spirit Hinders Our Churches

And How to May Be Hindering Your Effectiveness

Religious Spirit

If you want to hinder or even kill the life of a church, allow a religious spirit to invade. It will trade the life of God for a form that lacks vibrancy and power. Religion kills relationship and works to keep a rigidity that conditions people to think they are experiencing God, yet their hearts […]

10 Signs You Have a Religious Spirit

But You May Not Want to Admit It

Religious Spirit

With every beautiful thing God creates, there is always a counterfeit setup to resist. That is why it’s important to recognize when we are influenced more by a Pharisaical religion then by the Spirit of God. Yet before you consider all the people in your life who may have this, consider it in yourself. It’s […]

10 Ways a Religious Spirit Will Hold You Back

What It is and How It Can Infect Your Life

Religious Spirit

There is such a thing as pure and undefiled religion (James 1:27) . At the same time, there is a counterfeit of authentic worship and ceremonial connection with God. It has a form of the real thing, but it invites more pressure on people than true freedom in Christ. It is often called a religious […]