#169: Ministering to ADHD

Healing Our Attention and Focus

Ministering to ADHD

The attention span of our generations is getting shorter and weaker, to the point that Attention Deficit Disorder and Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder are constantly on the rise. What do we need to do to effectively minister to someone who has this struggle? Do we need to confront how culture is forming our attention span […]

#168: Opioid Addiction and Drug Abuse

Addressing Our Response to Pain

Opioid Addiction, Drug Abuse

Many addictions hide underground and are kept hidden. Drug addiction has been rampant for a long time, but opioid addiction has been one of the growing epidemics. What has often started out as a drug to aid in pain relief, has become an addiction to the point that lives are ruined, families are destroyed and […]

#167: Freedom from Pornography and Sex Addiction

Healing How We Approach Sexuality

Pornography, Sex Addiction

Pornography and sex addiction affects everyone, either directly or indirectly. If it’s not you, someone close to you is struggling deeply. I believe that millions of Christians are held under the bondage of sexual addiction and are overloaded with shame and feelings of uncleanness. They feel like they are living a lie and hide in […]

#166: Addressing the Culture of Sexual Assault & Harassment

What’s Behind It and How Do We Heal

Sexual Assault

This week’s episode is one where are going to be raw and vulnerable to address a subject that is on the front burner in our country right now. It has to do with the sexual interactions that harm the lives of people and also get hidden under the rug. We’ve titled this episode “the culture […]

#165: What to Do With My Emotions

Do I Ignore Them or Feed Them?


Ask ten Christians about how we should deal with our emotions. Most likely you will get ten different answers from all kinds of perspectives. The reality is, we have not been trained in a healthy and biblical ways about how to approach the subject of emotions. So then we don’t know what to do with […]

#164: Do Christians Need More Emotional Intelligence?

Cultivating Emotionally Healthy Christians

Emotional Intelligence

When measuring someone’s intelligence, the term IQ is used. Yet in the past 50 years, there has become a growing awareness of a measurement called “emotional intelligence” or EQ. The need and value of it is being recognized in more and more avenues. Our modern day interactions and lack of quality relationships are revealing a […]

#163: Can You Be a Pastor’s Wife and Not Go Crazy? Part 2

Being Intentional About a Healthy Journey

Pastor's Wife

Pastor’s wives can be the most overlooked group of people in the body of Christ. It’s often assumed that she will just take care of herself. Meanwhile, unhealthy demands and expectations are added on that do not cultivate a healthy environment. As we continue the discussion about the life of a pastor’s wife, we want […]

#162: Can You Be a Pastor’s Wife and Not Go Crazy? Part 1

What Hinders Her Sanity and What to do About It

Pastor's Wife

When it comes to the health and wholeness of a church body, I rarely hear much addressed when it comes to the wives of male leaders in the church. It often gets subtly pushed into the background. Most church culture assumes the leaders in a church will just figure out how to remain healthy as […]

#161: Freedom from Religious Legalism

Without Going into the Other Extreme

Religious Legalism

I believe there is nothing more dangerous to the health and vitality of people than religious legalism in Christianity. It’s been there since the early church and it finds it way easily into the lives of well meaning churches, ministries and Christian fellowships. The Danger of Legalism No one want so to admit they are […]

#160: Finding Rest in the Midst of a Busy Life

How Sabbath Living Can Enhance Heart Healing and Refreshment

Rest, Sabbath

How do you experience healing for your heart and get the refreshment you need while having a busy life? Is it possible to experience rest and peace of heart in the midst of a full schedule and a demanding life? Can we experience the healing our hearts need while in difficult times or added pressures […]