10 Toxic Stages of Performance Based Christianity

Are You Stuck in the Performance Hamster Wheel?

Performance Based Christianity Hamster Wheel

Getting free of performance based Christianity will revolutionize your life, but I have found that many people need to untangle themselves from the cycle that this kind of living produces. Unfortunately, the toxic thread of performance has woven itself into every almost every fabric of people’s lives. Getting free is possible and life changing, but it takes intentional […]

#111: Freedom from Performance Based Christianity [Podcast]

In this week’s episode, we want to tackle the subject of performance based Christianity and performance based living. Jesus confronted the mindset and lifestyle of the Pharisees, for how they strapped people with legalism and a religiousness that missed the heart of God. The Pharisees fueled a performance based spiritual life, where people were put […]

Are You Living in Performance-Based Christianity?

Performance Based Living

A rejection mindset provides toxic alternatives to healthy spiritual living, one of them being a performance-based Christianity. The rejection mindset promotes “law thinking,” where we hope for approval and acceptance based on how well we perform. The thoughts to “work harder” and “do more,” become an internal pressure. These are not inherently evil traits, but […]