I believe the season we live in is calling for a rise of the overcomers like never before. So many believers feel they have their back against the wall, yet rising up with a new tenacity is available. This is a call to people who desire to live as overcomers in their generations.

God is in the process of forming the identity of His sons and daughters. Sonship is a completely different world than spiritual slavery. Yet the thoughts and patterns of slavery seek to infiltrate our lives every day. In this message, I want to help you understand the overcoming mindsets that will help upgrade your impact in this world. Will we continue to live as slaves or walk into what sonship actually looks like?


5 Traits of Overcomers that Require Zero Talent


We often make the transformation process more complicated than it needs to be. Yet there are actually some very simple traits you need that are more important than anything else. These foundational mindsets will prepare you for the highest level of fruitfulness and change. Yet without these traits, you will continually cycle in the same […]

9 Steps to Overcome Self-Pity

Ways You Can Begin Taking Your Life Back

Overcoming Self-Pity

We all have certain areas that are prone to self-pity. Those are usually the areas we can grow in the most, but self-pity will keep us from it. This article is intended for those who really want to take their life back and manifest change. Self-pity triggers whenever a challenge in our life seems to […]

3 Key Decisions Overcomers Make

You are Key Decisions Away from Everything Changing

Moving from status-quo living to overcoming often comes down to simple decisions. We are often a few strong decisions away form everything changing in our lives. The overcoming heart sees every situation in their life as an opportunity to overcome. In order to develop this mindset, there are some foundational decisions we need to establish […]

3 Powerful Traits of Overcomers

Having What It Takes to Break Through

In this day, overcomers are rising in greater number, but you have to look closely to find them. They carry a tenacity to stay the course, despite being attacked with great resistance and impossibilities. Yet in theses days, only the overcomers will rise to the top. I have been spending my life learning to be […]

What I Do Not Need When Going Through a Hard Season

Everyone reading this has or will go through many different challenges that grip you to the core. Jesus said, “In this world you will have trouble.” (John 16:33) He wasn’t prophesying doom over us, but letting us know in sober awareness that we will be hit with various circumstances that will seek to overwhelm us […]

What is an Overcomer?

The word overcomer is an end times word, emphasized in the book of Revelation and some other passages in the New Testament. It carries a key description for what is needed to finish strong. Overcomers carry a victorious heart regardless of intense resistance that comes against them. In modern living, we are able to have […]