The Opposite of Negativity is Not Always Positive Thinking

What is the Opposite of Negativity?

Opposite of Negativity, Negativity

I recall sitting with my wife in a session with a woman that was going through an incredible amount of pain. Her marriage was in a rough place, her teen daughter was pregnant and the other children were lost in rebellion. As we began to roll up our sleeves and dig into the issues at hand, […]

What I Learned from a 30 Day Negativity Fast

Thoughts that Have Change My Life for the Good

Negativity, Overcoming, Negativity Fast

I have been encouraging people for years to engage negativity fasts, as a way to renew their minds and give themselves a fresh jump start into a new chapter. But these fasts are way harder than we realize, especially because of how much our lives are conditioned by negativity. A Negativity Fast is a Good Jump […]

#123: Overcoming Our Negative Patterns [Podcast]

For those who enter seasons of becoming less negative, they often hit immediately backlash and resistance. This is because our brains are so deeply trained to become negatively focused. It becomes a trained mechanism in our biology to protect ourselves. Many people keep negativity close by because they want to remain realistic about life. Others […]

Declaration for Overcoming Negativity

Declaration of Freedom from Negativity

If you’ve gone through a 30 day negativity fast, here is a fantastic declaration you print off and have for encouraging more growth and forward progress. In response to a season of focused negativity-fasting, I make my declaration known today to live victoriously over chronic negativity as a dominant influence in my life. I choose to make winning over […]