Stop Self-Rejection and Begin Loving Yourself

Loving and Accepting Yourself as God's Creation

Accepting Yourself, Loving Yourself, Freedom from Self-Rejection

Many have asked me in response to reading my material, “What do I do about the self-rejection patterns in my life?” This section will give the keys needed to break out of self-rejection and love yourself as God’s creation. Ignoring Your Heart Health is Not Spiritual While it might seem like you are being “selfless” […]

Self-Rejection and Relationship Sabotage

When People Love You More than You Love Yourself

Relationship Sabotage, Self-Rejection

Relationships only thrive within the exchange of mutual love. But if someone loves you more than you love yourself, there is a change you may end up engaging relationship sabotage. It can be easy to find reasons why you don’t like the person and then do things that contribute to the dissolving of the relationship. It’s common rut to find reasons why people […]

It’s False Humility If You Are Rejecting Yourself

Exposing False Humility

Humility is the highway for spiritual growth, but too many counterfeits are in action. In fact, there is a false humility on the lose that is giving people the wrong model of what it looks like to walk in true humility. Real humility is not something you can fabricate. It only comes through an authentic […]

Self Rejection: When Did It Become OK to Not Like Yourself?

Signs of Self-Rejection and How It Has Become so Commonly Accepted

Spend 10 minutes with a group of toddlers or elementary school children and you will find two common threads in their lives—a lot of energy and a great desire to be someone when they grow up. Instilled in our young sons and daughters is an endless list of options they dream of stepping into someday, […]

When love comes your way, do you deflect it back?

Is there an unworthiness that keeps you from receiving love from God and others.

When we deflect love that is sent our way, deflecting it is not a work of humility, its an unworthy mindset that needs to be broken.

What we often call humility is actually a work of unworthiness that rejects the love that God has for us and keeps us from connecting to the higher identity that is available to us. Break through and learn to receive His love today:

This is Your World if You Don’t Love Yourself

What Will Surround Your Life if You Avoid This Issue

You were made to love and be loved and loving yourself is a critical aspect of love. The majority of the problems people face go back to whether or not they have experienced the depth of love on a regular basis. This not only involves receiving the love of God, but loving yourself as He […]

Loving yourself is a missing ingredient in the flow of love. God loves us and it is critical that love ourselves the way that He loves us. It’s important to have the spiritual insights we need to walk in healthier love relationship with God, ourselves and others. But we also need practical tools so we can develop fruitful habits that improve our ability to love ourselves.

In this video, I explain some basic ways that we can immediately begin loving ourselves in a powerful way.

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Whether or not we love ourselves the way God loves us directly effects our relationships. Many times the breakdown and conflict in relationship comes down to this issue.

Here are three things that occur in our relationships when we do not love ourselves.

  1. We look to a relationship to be our source of filling a need, in the place of God filling it.
  2. We come to relationships to take and not give.
  3. We manifest the toxicity we carry onto others, accusing them.

Are you falling into any of these patterns in your marriage, dating relationship or friendship?

Get free and learn to love yourself by getting your copy of God Loves Me and I Love Myself.


Why is Loving Yourself so Challenging?

5 Reasons We Struggle to Walk in Healthy Self-Love

Loving Yourself

Loving yourself all comes down to how well you are able to receive the love that God has for you. In 2004, I went through a massive, massive transformation where I’ve just never been the same since. I’ve dedicated my life to helping people to experience healing, to experience freedom, experience transformation from the inside […]