A little bit of my story . . . one thing I had to connect to in experiencing transformation is HUNGER. It’s the one thing I cannot teach you—absolute hunger. One of the reasons we lack hunger is: 1) we have lost the ability to be teachable and 2) we have shut ourselves off to the pain that needs to be healed.

God Loves Me and I Love Myself Book: http://bit.ly/2eX7jnD

I Will Not Fear Book http://bit.ly/29z4wTJ

Exposing the Rejection Mindset Book http://bit.ly/1TeaIS1

4 Things that Do Not Help People Change

As a passionate student of transformation, I love observing the patterns, habits and mindsets that move people into dynamic change for their life. Observing people overcome huge odds is what I live to see. Over the years, I have found some common traits that help all overcomers get victory. At the same time, there are some […]

7 Reasons Our Resolutions Don’t Produce Transformation

It has been studied that 47% of Americans make new years resolutions. Only 8% have been found to actually achieve those resolutions. It seems today that people are very prone to talking about change, but not really stepping into it. We look at transformation sometimes as a “it would be nice” rather than an actual […]

God’s Plan for Your Transformation

In these days where change is needed, we have to understand God’s blue print for becoming conquerors and overcomers. Although every story has unique bends and turns, there is an overall narration from God’s Word that we can rely on for our journey of transformation. Isaiah 61 gives us a foundational tapestry that every overcomer […]

How Addictions Train the Body: Dopamine

Addictions are a common place theme in today’s society. If its not a substance addictions, its a relationship. If its not an addictive relationship, its an obsessive pattern of thinking. Our world has allowed an addictive mindset to roam and take greater control. We don’t ingest life anymore, we binge. We overload on TV shows, we […]

8 Signs You Have a Broken Heart

The ministry of transformation must be built upon the premise of our hearts being healed by the love and power of God. Yet millions walk around not realizing they have a broken heart. Even if they do know, they shove the pain down in attempts to keep moving on. Yet a broken heart is a condition […]

7 Practices for Living in God’s Goodness

In a day where so many question the goodness of God, thus distancing themselves from His presence; we as God’s children must cling to His goodness as our strong foundation. In a world where true goodness can be lacking, we have a chance to cut through with the pure holiness of God’s goodness. In the […]

3 Keys to Understand About Depression

As someone who has personally gone through intense seasons of depression and overcome, I am very familiar with the hopelessness and despair that seems to be relentless. Many people suffer from symptoms of depression in silence, while they struggle in shame and hopelessness to get free. In getting free myself and helping others to get […]