#143: Healing for Emotional Exhaustion

What Causes It and How to Live Free from It

Ever find yourself saying, “I am so drained” or “I am so exhausted!” We’ve all spoken those words from time to time. But what happens with those kind of statements become more than just an occasional rough day to a continual pattern that keeps repeating? Emotional exhaustion is a chronic state of being depleted emotionally […]

6 Kinds of Daily Thoughts that Will Improve Your Health

You are what you think. The Bible teaches that as we think, so are we. Our bodies are responders to the kind of thinking that takes place within us. Negative, toxic, doubting, unbelieving, hopeless, fear-based and unloving ways of thinking are detrimental to your health and sanity. But God has created our bodies to thrive […]

A Way I Can Help You Develop Solid Nutrition Habits [Video]

In helping hundreds and hundreds of people, I have found that the majority of people have some form of weight issue, food issue or pattern where they are not getting the proper nutrition in their life for optimum health. Endless battles with energy levels, fogginess of the mind and overall sluggishness seem to be way too commonplace […]

#022: Seven Thoughts that Can Make Us Sick [Podcast]

In today’s episode, I will address the 7 thoughts that can make us sick and keep us sick. I want to help you get free from some of these toxic thoughts that can affect your body negatively, so you can get free! Listen to the Audio: Download Audio Subscribe in iTunes Subscribe in Stitcher Announcements: 2014 Survey: […]

3 Keys to Understand About Depression

As someone who has personally gone through intense seasons of depression and overcome, I am very familiar with the hopelessness and despair that seems to be relentless. Many people suffer from symptoms of depression in silence, while they struggle in shame and hopelessness to get free. In getting free myself and helping others to get […]

8 Tips to Make Your Goals and Resolutions Work

Are you frustrated with how this last year went? Did you set goals and fail to meet any of them? Are you feeling frustrated about not making progress in your growth? Here are some tips to help make your goals and resolutions more fruitful.  1. Make your goals extensions of the vision and values of […]