#067: What is God’s Order for the Home? [Podcast]

On this week’s episode, we want to help paint a picture of what order and peace can look like in the home. With so many families struggling with chaos, dysfunction and rebellion, we want to talk about God’s design for the home and what it can look like. Today’s episode will set the stage for future […]

#063: How to Find and Keep a Good Spouse [Podcast]

In today’s episode, we are going to address the second most important decision of your life. Next to what your relationship with God is, your second most important decision is who you end up marrying. Whether you are single and looking to get married or you have already been married for years, this episode will […]

#023: Family & Relationships – An Interview with Melissa DeJesus [Podcast]

On today’s episode, I invited a super special guest, my wife Melissa DeJesus to the show today and bring her flavor of knowledge, insight and experience to Transformed You. She dropped by the studio today to talk about life, family, relationships and her journey of transformation. Feature Presentation: Family & Relationships An Interview with Melissa DeJesus In […]

6 Gifts a Dad Can Bring to His Family

We are experiencing generations that have been deeply affected by fatherlessness and carry woundedness stemming from poor father relationships. These wounds affect how we see ourselves, our lives and even our relationship with God, who wants us to know Him as Father.  The Scriptures speak of restoring the father relationship in the land. Malachi prophesied […]

10 Ways to Keep Your Sanity with Family During the Holidays – Part 2

6. Prepare your heart for protection against defilement Remember, the enemy loves to use those close to us to get us entailed in webs of strongholds. He knows that many of the battles you struggle with have been inherited traits in your family line. The same anger the enemy worked on your father is now […]

10 Ways to Keep Your Sanity with Family During the Holidays – Part 1

In my work helping people of all backgrounds, the months from November to January are intensified times of great celebration, but also a time filled with a lot of stress and inward conflict. Family seems to be the common arena that creates inward tension. The reason being is these focused gatherings seem to inflate the […]