“Healing Depression through Restoring Faith, Hope and Love”
by Mark DeJesus

Healing Depression through Restoring Faith, Hope and Love

“Why can’t I seem to just get over it?” is the cry that so many people carry. Everyone faces discouragement, but it seems that more and more people are encounter it at a deep level that doesn’t seem to shake. It becomes a depression that become difficult to overcome.

In this message, I will give you a framework of faith, hope and love that can heal the root system that depression attacks. Through this message, you will also have a time of prayer, where I will pray over your anatomy for healing from depression.

How faith, hope and love are connected is a critical understanding for you to overcome and heal areas of your heart that have been effected by heaviness, discouragement and depression.

10 Factors that Contribute to Depression

As someone who has had to face depression and overcome it, I’ve also helped many press through the storms that depression can bring and develop a strategy for climbing to solid ground. Losing your emotional sense of well being can be an incredibly frightening and challenging experience. Millions are presented with this oppressive monster and […]