“God Rejoices Over You While He Transforms You”
by Mark DeJesus

God Rejoices Over You While He Transforms You

In the midst of our struggles and pain, it’s empowering to know that God rejoices over us, gives peace to us and works to grow us in dynamic ways.

In this message, learn how you can receive His peace, quiet yourself and receive the song He is singing over you. In the midst of difficultly you can engage His love the joy that is available to you.

You’ll also learn how to receive the cleansing from shame so that we experience the beauty of His work. You can engage His peace in such a way that you keep it when others are not at peace. You can know what it means to keep your peace in the midst of a stormy world that doesn’t want your peace.

Based on Zephaniah 3, I will encourage you to walk through a transformative process that God leads you through so you can recognize how much He loves you and wants to empower you.

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