“When Covenant Relationship Gets Tough”
by Mark DeJesus

When Covenant Relationship Gets Tough

The highest level of relationship is covenant relationship, but do we understand what covenant relationships involve? Covenant relationships are different than just every day relationships. Its a high level of relationship that God calls us to walk in with Him, but also with each other in the body of Christ.

Most people want the benefits of what a covenant relationship is without truly being aware of what is involved.

Using John 14, 18 and 21 as well as the book of Matthew, this teaching will help you on the power of covenant relationships, but especially in dealing with what to do when a covenant relationship goes through tough times.

What will we do with offense?
What will we do when things get tough?
What about when massive disappointment takes place?
What happens when we fail in the process?
What do we do?

This teaching also includes an understanding of memories, our minds and how God can renew challenging memories in your life to get you back into healthy relationships. You will also see how God upgrades what love means in our relationship with Him and each other.

Listen in:

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