#168: Opioid Addiction and Drug Abuse

Addressing Our Response to Pain

Opioid Addiction, Drug Abuse

Many addictions hide underground and are kept hidden. Drug addiction has been rampant for a long time, but opioid addiction has been one of the growing epidemics. What has often started out as a drug to aid in pain relief, has become an addiction to the point that lives are ruined, families are destroyed and health is hijacked.

When someone in the family is addicted to drugs of any kind, everyone around the person gets affected. The problem with opioids is that it often starts off with an innocent step for alleviating pain.

Opioid addictions has been put more into the national spotlight, as the White House recently called opioid addiction a nationwide public health emergency.

We want to dig a little bit deeper and talk about the underlying issues that drive us into destructive habits like opioid addiction. Are we willing to face the problems under the surface that we need to face? Do we really want to uncover some of the deeper issues that drive drug addictions? In this episode, we hope to encourage you to have a deeper perspective on a very real problem facing millions today.

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In this episode, we talk about the following factors:

  • Our own references for observing drug abuse in people’s lives.
  • The sobering stats of addiction.
  • The effects of opioid addiction on family members and loved ones.
  • Are we addressing our response to pain?

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