#155: When You Lack Motivation

When You or Your Children Struggle to be Motivated

Do you or your child struggle with motivation?

One of the big parenting questions that is brought to us is the issue of an unmotivated child; either a young child or teenager. Maneuvering through causes many parents to throw in the towel, because they feel that nothing works or they cannot seem to help. Some may be young children who just want to watch television and do nothing else. Others may be seemingly unmotivated in career, interests and hobbies. Often poor grades can be in the picture. Many teens lack a motivation to get a license or a job.

Today we want to delve into this subject, because a lack of motivation is not just a child or teenage struggle, masses of grown adults are battling with being motivated to break free, overcome obstacles or put the extra effort into what is needed for their life.

What to do about a child’s lack of motivation? What about your own struggle with being motivated? You may even get insights into your own life about where you struggle to have motivation yourself.

Video Broadcast:

In this episode, we cover the following issues:

  • Melissa and Mark’s very different journey.
  • How we both differently process becoming motivated.
  • What are the keys to why a person struggles to be motivated?
  • What are some insights to why your child struggles with motivation?
  • The biggest keys to helping you or your child gain more motivation for life.

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Mark DeJesus has been equipping people in a full time capacity since 1995, serving in various roles, including, teaching people of all ages, communicating through music, authoring books, leading and mentoring. Mark's deepest love is his family; his wife Melissa, son Maximus and daughter Abigail. Mark is a teacher, author and mentor who uses many communication mediums, including the written word, a weekly radio podcast show and videos. His deepest call involves equipping people to live as overcomers. Through understanding inside out transformation, Mark's message involves getting to the root of issues that contribute to the breakdown of our relationships, our health and our day to day peace. He is passionately reaching his world with a transforming message of love, healing and freedom. Out of their own personal renewal, Mark and Melissa founded Turning Hearts Ministries, a ministry dedicated to inside out transformation. Mark also founded Transformed You, a communication platform for Mark’s teachings, writing and broadcasts that are designed to encourage people in their journey of transformation. Mark and Melissa currently live in Connecticut.

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  • JJ

    Hi Mark and Melissa
    Love the ‘When you lack motivation’ podcast. Thank you both for your honesty and more so because you openly share how you’re opposites in this particular area, you both still come together so beautifully on how you’ve worked/continue to work it out! You’re talking about helping children but what about adults? I know it’s definitely not too late for me or I wouldn’t be watching you. I need ‘some’ practical tips on how to get re-motivated.
    I’m 50 plus, female, a grandparent, in the ministry but am struggling quite a bit. Have sibling issues. My life is not over – just beginning in another great sense and I want to excel and be even more excited about my journey!?

    • JJ thank you so much. Appreciate the affirmation of our attempts to be vulnerable and real about our own journey, struggle and process of overcoming.
      I think our biggest heart in this episode was to recognize that most of our motivation issues trail back to childhood, which is why we spent so much time talking about that factor. How we grew up forms so much of how we face obstacles and develop motivation. Often, the best place to start is to recognize some of those factors of upbringing…what you experienced and what you didn’t receive that contributed to a lack of motivation. Then allow God to heal those places and find avenues where you can fill what you weren’t given…example: commit to something where you are not going to quit, so that you can build tenacity in your spiritual and emotional muscles.
      Sounds to me like you are at the stage of pouring into others what you were not given, which is a great motivation to have. Hope this helps. Thanks for tuning in!

      • LivingLife

        Thank you both so much for your swift reply. I was very encouraged as I went on my way to work this morning – Teaching Assistant 18yrs.
        I listened to you in the early hours, fell back to sleep then woke up again and finished listening to you.

        In my own personal journey some days I have ‘great moments of granduer’ where everything seems so clear – thats how i describe it – then it slides away as it were and I have to regain it again. God has really helped me to build my self- esteem…even in the midst of great difficulty. I know these issues have come from my childhood. And not really having much exposure to real life. Mum was very, over protective – no blaming on her of course as all did their best with what they had.
        Yes I definitely feel I’m called to pour into others and want to pursue God and that!
        Thank you again for the invaluable response and teachings…I shall keep watching, praying, reading, and learning.
        God bless you both, precious brother and sister