#099: Questions on Dead People, Lying, the Flesh, A Scattered Mind, Marriage and People Who Don’t Believe Like You

Today we tackle some more tough questions on our 3rd week of Questions and Answers. We have thoroughly enjoyed addressing the issues of your heart and questions you have about the Bible, transformation and overcoming.

Enjoy and get ready for next week….our 100th episode!

Here are this week’s questions:

Praying for Dead Relatives : Do you think people can still get “saved” and accept Jesus as Savior after they die ….. Is there still a chance for people to go to Heaven ..those who passed away not knowing Christ while on earth … Because the final judgement and Christ’s second coming has not happened yet. I’m often think of my grandma who passed away 8 years ago who was not saved … I’m wondering if she can continue her journey of finding the Lord wherever she is right now? Or is she straight to Hell?

Question on Sin Nature and the Flesh I have questions regarding what Jesus and Paul speak about in the New Testament regarding the flesh and the sin nature such as Matt 26:41, Rom 7:18 and Gal 5:16-25. If you could explain more to me about this pertaining to overcoming strongholds, sin issues etc. How does this apply to Spirit, soul and body? Thank you hope it’s clear what I’m asking.

Question on Lying and Liars   why do people lie and continue to keep lying?

  • I know some do it hide things they have done wrong, or even justify what they are doing,  or feel they don’t want to say anything to hurt the other person.
  • what spiritual stronghold is going on to keep that person from being honest? Is it shame ,  insecurity ? hurt, ? etc
  • how can someone say they love you, but then lie over and over and hide things?
  • what is the need they have inside that makes them lie ?   such as lying about other relationships they have secretly?
  • how do we overcome lying in our own lives?

How to Be Effective Around Those Who Do Not Believe Like You Do?**Hi Mark and Melissa. Could you please shed some light on what is happening here and how to be free of it? Whenever my husband and I socialize together, nearly everyone else is an unbeliever. They are so full of outward joy and happiness (with or without drink) and I feel like the odd one out and have great difficulty in appearing relaxed and showing that I am having a good time. I know ‘there is therefore now no condemnation to them which are in Christ Jesus who walk not after the flesh, but after the Spirit’; but I still feel like all eyes are watching me and that I’m not allowed to enjoy myself because of who I am. I am aware that this is back to front thinking. I (and any others at the gathering who are believers of who I am unaware) am the one who should be so joyous knowing all that I do about Jesus and my eternal future. Joy just struggles to manifest. I have been a Christian for over 20 years; but am only now just beginning to understand who I am in Christ. Another thing is that I won’t allow myself to read outside of my lane as you mentioned in a previous podcast (no 75) as it doesn’t feel right to do so and yet for all that I’ve read re our precious Lord, it’s been just that. Reading and not drinking in and being restored. Sorry for the long message. Will things turnaround and then I’ll feel more ‘natural’ when socializing the more I learn about who I am in Christ and/or is there possibly another reason keeping me from being me? Thank you and God bless you both and your wonderful ministry.

Regarding A Scattered Mind   I see a total day and night difference in me now both in autism and Aspergers, after you prayed for my autism and Aspergers. I Keep going. I am proof God heals. I Never would have guessed it would happened to me. My Question is I need more help when I try to sit and wait on God and everything in My Mind Goes in a million e places especially cause of the Autism. But I want to Get a Prayer life and learn to Spend Time with God, but hat is Hard to Learn To Be Content in Him and Keep Him on My mind when I’m at work or just going about my Business…

Dealing with an Unbelieving Spouse: How does one deal with this with an unbelieving spouse? Especially in regards to the podcast where you discuss your spouse being your second Holy Spirit?


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  • DE3

    I appreciate your discussion about when you are around people, you suggest to be friendly, have joy, and so on. Well, I have learned in life that if you display that kind of joy and confidence around religious people, they will crucify you. They are uncomfortable if you “color outside the lines” socially. The viewers question addressed her not feeling comfortable in social settings with other unbelievers who were enjoying themselves, but my dilemma is in myself experiencing joy in a social setting with other believers who are uncomfortable and uptight. How do you deal with that? In my experience, life in the Spirit leads to the kind of joy and freedom to be yourself in a way that is enjoyable and deeply interested in others, but if your life in Christ is not well received by others, it can leave you scratching your head. I know how to engage in pure laughter. I know how to find absolute humor in what deeply offends others. I know how to not rush the moment because their is a joy in the moment that needs to be savored and relished. I know how to be flexible with people and stay a little longer because someone is telling a good story. I know how to be present when life interrupts your daily plans. It’s okay! It makes you feel alive! One time, someone I love angrily told me “You have no shame!!” because of my liberty to enjoy myself and enjoy life and I felt awful they said that because they couldn’t see I loved life. I have heard many people say that they enjoy my company, but I’ve had just as many others tell me that I need to do this and do that and not be too much of this or too much of that. I’ve come under some heavy accusations when I’ve been enjoying myself and enjoying life that I didn’t see coming. I wasn’t being deliberately offensive either. I know you have to be sensitive to who you are talking too, but that doesn’t mean I have to withhold my friendly, outgoing personality, but sometimes it does. Well, which is it??? Be yourself and have joy or withhold it because it offends people? I have genuine love for people. Why can’t they see that? Why does joy offend uptight people? A better question than that, what do you do in the presence of uptight people who are offended by your joy? People can be really mean if they don’t like you and I mean really mean, even in their silence. It hurts. I don’t exactly feel I have permission to be my joyfilled, happy, outgoing, friendly self because of all the rejection I get out of it, but when I spend time in the presence of the Lord, I just go right back to being joyfilled and outgoing again, so I really don’t have anything else to offer. I’m sure you are going to tell me to read the Rejection Book you wrote, and I am, but this is still a huge issue that happens over and over. The huge issue is people rejecting your joy. I don’t enjoy the isolation I have to go into when I can’t find people who actually enjoy joy!

    • I find the greatest help is wisdom. Knowing when and how to express myself in the best context. Some relationships can only handle certain things and sometimes in our need to connect, I find that we can end up “trying too hard.” When I recognize that, I learn to sit back, be at peace and let the relationship flow a little more.