#098: Questions on Marijuana, Acid Reflux, Seeing What the Fathers Sees and Getting Mad at the Enemy [Podcast]

In this week’s episode, we cover a variety of topics, from acid reflux healing and what does it mean to see what the Father sees?

We cover the following questions in this week’s episode:

  1. How can I experience healing from acid reflux?
  2. As marijuana is becoming more legalized, how should Christians address this issue? Is it ok for believers to smoke weed?
  3. Getting Mad at the Enemy: In episode #78  really spoke to me Mark. You’re saying that we really have to get angry with the enemy. I understand this; but I’m not a verbally loud yelling sort of person, it doesn’t feel right, silly I know; but it doesn’t feel Christian. Any thoughts?
  4. Jesus Only Did What the Father Doing: You have shared on a podcast that Jon and I were listening too that “Jesus only did what He saw the Father doing”. Can you explain this in a more practical way. Even in discussing all the ways I hear or perceive from the Lord, it doesn’t give me an understanding in “Jesus only did what He saw the Father doing.” I get it, but it is a mystery. What is the revelation and application of this scripture?

Listen today and send us your feedback!


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  • DE3

    I have ranted with God many times, crying like a baby, letting it all out, not hiding my pain. I did this in private or perhaps out in the woods, when I was alone or with a trusted companion. I have found in doing so, that a peace will wash over me in the end of my ranting. I may not know the answer of what to do when that peace came, but at least in crying out, I got it out of me. I cleared my head space for a bit. I also discovered that in my willingness to let it all out, I am far less likely to choose some addictive pattern when I have given it to God in this way. In fact, I’ve seen in my own life there are many addictions I could have been entangled with, but I wasn’t, because I choose to go to God. I’m still amazed at this. I’ve also known the numbness side of not letting out my emotions, and there I am, entangled in some addictive pattern. It is very liberating to cry it out to God as you talk about in the podcast. Thank you for giving us permission to be ourselves to God! Now, we who hurt and are in pain need to give ourselves permission to let it out. Note: it is no okay to hurt yourself or someone else or hurt property when doing this. Just discharge the emotion, but don’t inflict hurt and pain. It is not meant to be punishing or condemning to cry out to God for help. It is liberating and releasing when it is done right. Bless us all who are hurting and in pain. Grant us courage. God heal us and set us on a path to wholeness, in Jesus name, Amen

  • DE3

    Every person needs to hear this podcast. Mark shares an incredible truth about what happens to you when you are in an altered state. You can’t take your thoughts captive. Wow! That is super serious.

  • DE3

    You talk about when you are coaching people, that you have to bring that warrior out of them, that you have to teach them to posture themselves to bring the lion out of them. I’m stoked that you said that because I got the warrior in me, but it got shut down. I won’t go into that, but I will bring back the warrior. I’ll get mad at the devil again, like I used too. I’ll say it this way. I’m going in to the enemy’s camp and taking back what he stole from me. That is a song. I’ll blast it today.

  • DE3

    Mark says: Jesus carried a oneness with God. God’s thoughts were his thoughts. Jesus only focused on the agenda of the Father for that day. That is seeing what the Father is seeing. Great stuff.

  • Salvation Vao

    Hey Pastor, after listening to some of your podcasts they really helped me understand that I am on a journey. I am currently on medication for acid reflux. Its been 2 months since I got and it is getting better but I am more determined to be healed from it by confronting my fears and allowing God to heal them all.

    • So excited and glad to hear that Salvation Vao!