#020: Episode 020: Enemy Access Point No. 3 – Trauma – Overcoming Traumatic Experiences | Q&A on Trauma [Podcast]

In today’s episode, I will address the 3rd point the enemy can use to have access in our thinking, and that is through a traumatic experience. Find out today how to overcome the drama of trauma. I will also be taking some questions regarding this subject.

Feature Presentation: “Enemy Access Point No. 3: Trauma”

In today’s feature presentation, I want to address the subject of trauma, and help equip you to overcome the drama of the traumas in your life. I have been addressing the access points where the enemy can have room to steal, kill and destroy, releasing his thoughts into your life–keeping you from peace, wholeness and overall sanity. The first access point was agreement. The second was inherited iniquity. Today’s is specifically the issue of trauma.

Introductory Thoughts on Trauma: 

Most people have had various kinds of traumatic experiences. They may not see it that way or understand the affects these past events can have. 

A traumatic moment can be as severe as being involved in military combat or experiencing physical abuse or it can be as simple as being left alone, yelled at or or accused wrongly in a staff meeting.

TRAUMA (as we define it): a sudden life event where a person is on the receiving end of physical, emotional, sexual or mental damage to any degree, which can be an open door for the enemy to enter and maintain a stronghold in that area of their life.

In a trauma, a person encounters a situation where they are “out of control” to a certain extent, surprised or taken off guard. Because of this vulnerability, the person is not able to handle the overwhelming situation; they are not able to take thoughts captive, so a flood of thoughts, impressions and emotions surge. Each recall of the event builds to further oppression and bondage. Rejection, fear, shame, guilt and many others can come pouring in, to give the person a bound view of that encounter.

Some Examples of Trauma:

– Abuse (Physical, Sexual, Emotional)

– Accident

– Witnessing harm to someone or yourself

– Being bullied or ranked on.

– Abuse from a spiritual leader.

– Violence, robbing, mugging

– Being cheated on, sudden betrayal.

– Being yelled at.

– Unwanted pregnancy.

– Traumatic pregnancy.

– family crisis

– sudden loss, death or injury

– parents divorcing

– performance and perfectionistic home

– neglect, being ignored

– sudden financial loss

– near drowning

– going to war.

What Effect Can Trauma Have on a Person?

1. You can become deeply trained in fear to avoid a recurrence of that event ever again.

2. Facing similar circumstances become very challenging.

3. If these areas are not brought to proper resolution in God’s love and His Word, they can become deep breeding grounds for enemy roots.  

4. Traumatic moments in life, to any degree, can cause us to pull back relationally in the future.

We become trained to be apprehensive, hypersensitive and less likely to take risks.

This is the enemy’s working, to keep us from recovering and healing.

We become more separated in relationship with others, with God, and even with ourselves. We can lose the power that relational connectivity brings and we become detached from love.

– Overall, we become much more guarded.

Biblical Understanding of Trauma:

Proverbs 15:13 (KJV) A merry heart makes a cheerful countenance: but by sorrow of the heart the spirit is broken.

PTSD: Post Traumatic Stress Disorder

In PTSD, a person receives severe damage or torment from exposure to, or confrontation with, an event that to the person is highly traumatic . . . being exposed to a scenario involving terror, horror or even death.

False Coping from Trauma Can Come In:

Traumas create deep programming that can re-shape us.

The True Refuge for Trauma:

1. In the secret place of the Most High God. (Psalm 91) 

2. Out of what the enemy has chained us to.

3. Back in healthy relationship with people.

Ministry Help to Trauma: Resolution

1. Establishment of loving relationship, where trust can be fostered.

2. Forgiveness

with others who wronged you or victimized you

practice separation – see that it was the enemy working through the person who wounded you

forgive yourself

cleansing of guilt

deal with possible anger and bitterness towards God

3. Come out of agreement with the enemy. 

fear, rejection, self-hatred, guilt and whatever else seems to still be in operation.

4. Taking authority over the tormentor needs to be executed. The enemy needs to be removed in Jesus name by the power of the Holy Spirit. 

5.Person needs to be released from guilt, condemnation, self-blame and accusation.

6. Begin to renew your mind and have a renewed experience. 

7. Get into Loving relationship again. Get out of isolation. 

8. Testify.

Q&A Segment: Questions Regarding Trauma


I have a question on trauma and the effect of it. Hopefully I can word it correctly.  So with coming from sexual abuse and a physical abusive relationship and the trauma that comes with that how do you know that the decisions you make on a daily basis are healthy ones and not ones made out of fear that my past will replay itself with my kids. In my generation there’s so much history of abuse both physical and sexual so I feel like my mind constantly thinks of what if in all scenarios.  For example when we let our daughter go out with friends for dinner, I can’t help but think “Is she ok? Is she safe? Is someone going to hurt her?” At times I feel this can be so tormenting. What are ways to deal with the trauma of what I experienced in order to not feel like my kids can only be safe when at home? Does this make sense?


If you suffered trauma continuously as a little child growing up until your teenage years does that tend to make you have a super sensitive heart? I feel like I’m always weeping over stuff I see, hear . . . everything. How can you toughen up and not feel so traumatized in your adult years?

Question: What questions regarding trauma or past hurt that you would like to have answered? 

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