#012: Is God Talking to Me? | Question from Female Being Wounded By Male Relationships [Podcast]

Today’s episode is entitled “Is God Talking to Me?” where I talk about what God’s voice is NOT as well as identifying struggles people have in hearing God’s voice. I also address a female’s frustration with men hurting her in our Q&A Session.

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Q&A Session: Woman’s Frustration with Being Hurt By Men

My question is how do I get out of the pattern of being so hurt by men? Right now I can never  see myself ever trusting a man again; which makes me alone for the rest of my life; unless I just have friends and shut off my feelings so that I don’t get hurt again. So many men are inappropriate and women too in this sex saturated world.  I am hoping your teachings will give me those answers . . . When men are so visual it makes it hard for me as a woman to feel like I am ever good enough. Still struggling. People have said I just choose the wrong men too . . . I do not believe in love  anymore . . . I do not trust . . . I believe being single is better . . . I can let the past hurt go, but the memories don’t go away. I remember the past and what men have done to me . . . lying, cheating. . . forgiving others does not mean I will ever trust again. So How do I know if God is calling me to be single? Or is He trying to reach me through relationships? Yet they are toxic . . . it takes a wile to open my eyes and see.   But if I remain single then I  know I am running away and avoiding being in relationship so I do not get hurt again. = rejection issues.

Feature Presentation: Is God Talking to Me? 

In the last episode, I spoke on the four sources of thought . . . and one of them can be God. 

There is no question that God spoke to men all throughout recorded Scripture:

  • He spoke audibly
  • He spoke through people
  • He spoke through His Word
  • He spoke to the hearts of men by His Holy Spirit

The question is, “Do you believe that God speaks to you, today?”

John 10:27 – Jesus said, “My sheep hear My voice, and I know them.”

Book of Revelation, “He who has an ear, let him hear what the Spirit says to the churches.”

We hear God’s voice from a dimension that is unseen, invisible, spiritual dimension . . .

This is the key of walking by the Spirit . . . hearing His voice and making God’s thoughts OUR thoughts. 

Common Observations on the Voice of God:

1. Drawing near to the voice of God is incredibly important. 

2. We live in a generation that struggles to hear the true voice of God. 

3. God is speaking. The problem is our ability to listen. 

4. Discerning God’s Voice is a Lifelong Journey.

5. I am often concerned when people act like they hear from God perfectly. 

6. Every human being on the planet can be subject to error. 

7. As we grow in learning God’s nature, we can become more familiar with His voice. 

God’s Voice is Not:

1. Always the Loudest Voice.

2. Always the Softest Voice. 

3. Always the Gut Feeling. 

4. Full of Confusion. 

5. Not Condemning.

6. Not full of tormenting fear. 

7. In violation with God’s Word. 

Question: Have you taken a moment to ask God to help improve your hearing? 


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