#011: Who is Talking in My Thoughts? | Overcoming Chronic Busyness [Podcast]

In today’s episode, I address a question regarding dealing with chronic busy living. Also, our feature presentation is entitled, “Who is Talking in My Thoughts?” as I help you understand the four sources of thought. This will help us understand where thoughts come from.

Q&A Segment: Overcoming Chronic Busyness With Replenished Living

In reference to article entitled, “The Danger of Chronic Busyness

Ruth Ralph from Oregon Writes:

I have a question for you, you hit the nail on the head for me. Sitting still is indeed torturous for me. So what are some replenishing things I can make goals to do? I would love some suggestions. I grew up in a very very busy home, and I never learned how to slow down, in fact I do not even know what that looks like. I have been sitting out watching the sunset with Jesus, and that is a very nice start. I am embarrassed to share my deficit, but your blog post really hit home and I do not think that I am alone.

I cover this subject in Chapter 10 of “Exposing the Rejection Mindset

Replenishing Living:

(In chapter 10, I cover things you can begin to apply to overcome chronic busyness and drivenness.)

1. Make replenished living a high priority in how you plan your day.

– be intentional about your day.

– plan your empty spaces – make appointments for “nothing”

2. Address the stronghold: That who you are is what you do.

– we take pride in being productive and when we don’t feel productive, we feel less about ourselves.

– performance living

3. Follow God’s priority for the day.

– I believe we get frustrated because we get ahead of God . . . and we don’t see the “results.”

4. Live a pace that allows for you to land in stillness more easily.

– Slow down your pace . . . so that when you stop to rest more, you are not crash landing every time.

– so many live a fast paced life that it takes forever to come down and be still

5. Get used to times of stillness with no agenda

– many of your battles will be fought in the stillness . . .

“It is important to be bored. You are giving your brain a rest.” ~Malcom Gladwell

6. Incorporate replenishing habits every day.

Television is not replenishing . . . its the opposite

– walks . . .

– Reading . . .

– sitting and taking in your surroundings

– meditation – thinking and pondering on God’s ways

– sit before God with no agenda but to enjoy him. (Write down your thoughts.)

– relational connection with not much agenda

7. Be prepared for resistance.

Make a strong stance in your heart and be ready for resistance.

Song – A Little Longer – from Where You Go I Go by Bethel Live – Jenn Johnson

Feature Presentation: Who is Talking in My Thoughts?

Today’s feature presentation is on the thoughts inside you . . . entitled “Who’s Talking in My Thought?” I want to get into your personal thought life. Let’s take a moment and scan the airways of what you think about . . . What is the atmosphere of thought going on inside of you?

Two Keys To Start:

  1. Your health, your wholeness, your peace, joy are a result of the thought realm that has been cultivated within.
  2. All thoughts have a source. They do not simply come out of nowhere.

About Your Thoughts:

  • 20,000 – 70,000 thoughts course through you in the span of a day
  • 80-90% of it is negative/harmful/toxic/not from God

Four Main Sources of Thought:

1. God

This is on a spiritual plane. God who is spirit, speaking to your human spirit.

You cannot see God, but you can perceive Him, by the work of the Holy Spirit, bringing witness of the word of God to your life.

So as you grow in taking in God’s Word, you will learn to hear His voice more clearly.

John 4:24 (KJV) God is a Spirit: and they that worship him must worship him in spirit and in truth.

In order to hear a thought from God, I have to understand He is spirit.

– He is beyond physical reality and you typically cannot see Him with your five physical senses.

In order to hear a thought from God, I have to understand He operates in truth.

– So I must grow in truth in order to grow in hearing His voice.

Although God can speak in anyway He chooses, He often speaks in the inner dialogue of our thoughts. His voice can almost sound like our own voice.

– can be an impression or thought that drops in you

God’s thoughts produce, life, vurtue, healthy, sanity, strength, healing . . .

Question is, “Do you believe God speaks today?”

Jesus said, “My sheep know my voice . . . “ (John 10:27)

2. From the Five Physical Senses

You are taking in knowledge and information through physical interaction with your world.

Five Physical Senses:

1) Sight

2) Sound

3) Taste

4) Touch

5) Smell

1 & 2 is how you process thought the most.

This is where you are taking in a thought externally from another person or group.

You are constantly taking in thoughts from the physical dimension:

  • Conversations with friends – friends are very influential
  • Verbal communication you listen to
  • Family gatherings
  • Communication is both Verbal and Non-Verbal
  • You are not just talking and listening. You are taking in thoughts and developing your own value system.

We are all influencers and we are all being influenced.

Question: who are the people that influence your thought systems?

Where are these thoughts that are being exchanged coming from?

3. From Recall Within the Soul

This is where thought processes are developed from recall of what is already in you.

A thought is developed or grown out of what is already in you.

This is where you stir up the pot of what has been collected.

You are accessing thought from ways of thinking that are already established inside of you.

–           Memory recall

–           Creativity

–           Thinking from your belief system

4. From Your Enemy – Satan’s Army

Satan is the Accuser of the brethren. (Revelation 12:10)

         – Accuser = speaking thoughts against us.

– Brethren = believers

– Day and Night = non stop

Satan has an invisible army that we war against.

Ephesians 6:12For we do not wrestle against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this age, against spiritual hosts of wickedness in the heavenly places.

The war is over thoughts.

– The thoughts come as feelings, emotions, impressions, temptation.

– The thoughts come in first person, so they sound like your own voice and your own thoughts.

– You are trained in subtle impressions (every thought has a feeling with it) and it is released in first person.

– We must address these thoughts to move further with how God thinks.

Question: How is this episode helping you in your thought life? 


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  • Ruth Ralph

    I just wanted to thank you Mark DeJesus for addressing my question in
    such a thoughtful way. I appreciated the way you presented it, and I was
    surprised to learn quite a bit to help me with my problem. The main
    points that stuck with me for now are: getting used to being still, and
    giving my brain and everything else a chance to rest. I scheduled two
    small periods of stillness today and I must say I feel more refreshed
    than I have felt in days. I also am finding that by scheduling rest,
    with no agenda, helps me to begin learning how to sit quietly. If I
    waited until I had the perfect picture of how to do it, I would never
    get around to getting rested.

    I definitely will be purchasing
    your journal teaching! I bet adding journaling to my time will add
    richness to the experience. I haven’t learned how to journal peacefully,
    my journaling experiences have always been associated with exploring
    difficult feelings and situations 🙂 your teaching should give me a new
    direction with connecting with myself.

    I was so full after only
    one half of this podcast, I am definitely returning to it for the other
    half, it is really good! I need to better identify where my thoughts
    are coming from, and measure them against God’s Word!!

    Thank you so much Mark, and may God continue to bless this ministry!!
    Ruth Ralph

    • Ruth your comments made my day! You are an example of someone who is a continual learner who seeks to be a doer of the Word! Thanks so much for taking the time to write and let us know how this podcast has been helpful. Loved the question. Keep em coming!