#006: What Gets God’s Attention | Interview of Transformation with Stan Doll [Podcast]

In today’s episode, I am going to address the subject of, “What Get’s God Attention” As we look to walk in healing and freedom, what is a key component that helps us walk into deeper transformation? We also have a special guest with us, Stan Doll, pastor and man on a mission to reach people globally. He has a story of spiritual reformation that I want you to hear.

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Interview: Story of Transformation with Stan Doll 

My guest, Stan Doll, is from California, and carries a deep passion for those who are lost, broken and in need of transformation. He is married to his wife Denise and has two children. Stan is involved in many different areas of ministry, but also has an incredible story of transformation.

TEACHING: What Gets God’s Attention

(Isaiah 61:1 NKJV)
To preach good tidings to the poor

(Luke 4:18 NKJV)
To preach the gospel to the poor

Who are the poor?

  • In referring to the poor, this is not just those who are in financial poverty or are broke. Although it can include that.
  • Poor, speaks of lowly, humble, week, needy, depressed in mind, or in circumstances, afflicted
  • When God speaks of the poor, these are those who are in need and recognize their need.

(Matthew 5:3 NKJV) Blessed are the poor in spirit, for theirs is the kingdom of heaven.

Poor: recognizing that in of of yourself, you are spiritually bankrupt and in need of help.

Today, we have the same problem that was present at the day of Jesus’ life on earth. People do not recognize their need for healing and change.

Want to get God’s attention? Live with a heart that recognizes you need help from God and from others.

Common Things that Keep People from Experiencing Transformation:

1. We are too proud to see our need for healing.

We don’t like to admit our mistakes, flaws or errors in our ways. 

2. We are in denial of our need for healing.

We push things down for so long, we can’t even recognize it.

3. Showing that you have need or are weak means you are not successful in modern culture.

Our culture values success at all costs. Weakness is not ok. We become inauthentic in the journey. 

4. We are afraid of being vulnerable, so we put up a facade.

We become trained to develop sophisticated cover ups, over who we really are. 

We present ourselves as though we have arrived.

We are afraid of rejection and what people will think if we become vulnerable.

What it often takes for us to enter into true pursuit of healing, freedom and transformation? Often people have to hit rock bottom.

Question: Where do you need to humble yourself and recognize you need healing? Where do you need to recognize this in how you relate to other people?


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  • Lyn Wojcik

    Enjoyed this, thank you. I need constant reminders to be comfortable with weakness and not fear vulnerability – there is so much power in that place but I often find myself running from it! Great interview with Stan, what an awesome partnership!

    • Mark DeJesus

      Fantastic Lyn! And on top of that, you get a free book for the first comment! Congrats!

    • Stan Doll

      Thanks Lyn, It was good to see you Sunday night, and congratulations on getting the book! I am taking a few copies home to the west coast and I am looking forward to reading through it with Denise! Be blessed…

  • Carol Rodd

    Thanks Stan, during this podcast I realized I had deep anger from 20 yrs ago that I’d never even wanted to entertain. Anger that lead to addiction, isolation, hate for myself and many others. Just thinking about this place emotionally I want to just turn my head away, literally I want to turn my head the other way! I need to forgive myself and others from a different place.
    I also saw how I can love others w/o judgement, it dawned on me when Mark and Stan said who are all just children of God! I’ve heard it before but now it helps me see how to apply it to my walk with God. Thanks so much, I’ve blessed and brought to tears with this podcast!

    • Mark DeJesus

      Yeah Carol! Your honesty and realness is powerful! I am so glad those points struck home for you. At the end of the day, we simply God’s kids, learning to grow up in His amazing playground!

    • Stan Doll

      Hey Carol, thank you so much for the encouraging words. I am glad to hear something I said was helpful for your journey. May you be blessed as you enter into the next layer of freedom. Thanks again for sharing your thoughts – it really brought joy to my heart to know the path I have walked through will help bring victory to others! Never forget – you ARE his daughter and He loves you so very much!